Marketing Mythbusters: Is the Long Tail of Local Search Dead?

Find out whether your multi-location business should be focusing on the long tail of local search, or put more time into other areas of local SEO.

For our next marketing myth, we’ll take a look at the long tail of local search, and whether or not it’s still an important piece of a strong local SEO strategy. Many multi-location businesses are unsure whether to focus their efforts on the longtail of local search, or other Google ranking factors.  SOCi is here to bust these myths!


Tune into the video to learn:

  • What the long tail of local search is and if it’s still important in localized marketing
  • How much listings and citations contribute to Google’s ranking factors
  • Which platforms your multi-location business should use when it comes to listings
  • How to leverage other aspects of local search to increase your business’s online visibility

This video includes important information you don’t want to miss.