Milano International shifts focus to localized content and sees a dramatic increase in metrics

The Challenge

Milano Restaurants International Corporation is a restaurant company specializing in building strong franchises and developing and operating multiple restaurant concepts. Milano’s diverse portfolio proves their unwavering commitment to providing quality dining experiences by staying true to their core values. Milano was in need of a service that would support their expansive growth and provide multi-location franchisees with brand-consistent content to post to multiple networks at a time with a comprehensive calendar view of all posts on all networks.

The SOCi Solution

By partnering with SOCi in 2018 Milano has been able to do just that. This past year specifically they were able to post 21% less and still increase their reach by 94%, clicks by 97%, and receive 139% more comments on their posts to Facebook. Additionally, they’ve grown their Instagram follower base by 46%! Thanks to their streamline posting processes and ability to disperse on-brand content to their franchisees, they’ve been able to save time, uphold their brand integrity and positively increase their metrics.


Me-N-Eds Pizzeria scored the top post for Q4 and overall in 2019 out of their 5 brands, based on our SOCi Score. SOCi Score is a unique algorithm that elevates how Facebook users are engaging with your posts. Think of the SOCi Score as a smart engagement ratio that lets you know which content your fans like most.

SOCi Results

As a result, Milano Restaurants International was able to post 21% less than in previous years and still receive a significant increase in Facebook engagement, along with an increase in Instagram followers.


Milano Restaurants International achieved…



Increase in Facebook reach



Increase in Facebook clicks



Increase in Facebook comments



Increase in Instagram reach



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