SOCi Ads PLUS enables multi-location brands to quickly create and deploy social media ad campaigns across thousands of local pages

Originally published on Business Wire on May 16, 2019.

SAN DIEGO—MAY 16, 2019—SOCi, the leader in social media and reputation management for multi-location brands, today announced the launch of SOCi Ads PLUS. This new solution makes it easy for multi-location brands, and agencies to drive growth through localized social advertising, empowering national and local marketing teams to efficiently reach their local audiences and promote dynamic, localized ads across hundreds or thousands of locations in a matter of minutes. The digital advertising industry is growing quickly– according to eMarketer, in 2019 spend on digital advertising will surpass spending on traditional advertising for the first time, totaling an estimated $129.34B in ad spend by EOY. This trend is increasing as spend on social media is forecasted to accelerate over the next five years by 66 percent according to The CMO Survey. Further, with the decline of organic social reach and engagement, social advertising has become an essential tactic for brands and businesses to drive growth through social platforms. It’s no longer enough to just publish content on Facebook. With 72 percent of brand engagement happening on local social pages, multi-location brands need to invest in locally targeted paid social ads to more efficiently reach their top audiences in order to drive reach, engagement, and revenue. While Facebook Ads Manager is an extremely powerful and widely used platform, it’s built for more advanced, national advertisers and doesn’t offer localized ad solutions across multiple locations. SOCi Ads PLUS fills this gap and instantly simplifies distributed social advertising across hundreds or thousands of local Facebook pages.
“Today more and more buying decisions are happening on a local level, yet National brands are struggling to reach and grow their local customer base.  We developed SOCi Ads PLUS to help our users seamlessly deploy thousands of local ads that will reach and engage their local customers,” said Afif Khoury, CEO, SOCi. “Previously it was nearly impossible to manage the creation of hundreds or thousands of localized ad creatives and accounts required to do localized social marketing well. As a result, marketers were forced to use more generalized creative and copy across all of their markets. With SOCi Ads PLUS marketers can more effectively connect with their local audiences and finally drive the results and ROI from social marketing that they have all been seeking.”
SOCi Ads PLUS supports localized Facebook and Instagram advertising and builds off the powerful capabilities of Facebook Ads Manager to introduce multi-location ad workflows. SOCi enables national and local teams to create and save highly targeted local audiences or simply reach customers nearby their business locations. To stay on brand and ensure creative consistency, national managers can create and share dynamic ad creatives and libraries across local teams and agencies which can instantly be promoted across hundreds or thousands of locations. Ads PLUS breaks down the barrier for distributing ads and budgets across thousands of ad accounts and pages. With dynamic images, text, and links, plus the flexibility to set custom objectives per ad, brands and agencies can easily get in front of their local audiences with more relevant creatives that support their local business objectives. SOCi’s intuitive reporting dashboard additionally empowers teams to track ad spend and performance at a national, regional, and local level, gathering key insights and elevating their ongoing local advertising strategies.
“Today, the power of localized social advertising is unmatched and as the industry evolves, we continue to strive for efficient ways to scale the efforts for our multi-location brand customers without a lot of manual labor,” said Marti Janson, COO, Mindstream Media. “We are excited to begin the use of SOCi Ads PLUS to create and promote ads to hundreds of locations for the same brand. The ability to share and reuse ad creative, use dynamic images and text, and do all of this with the flexibility of locally distributed ad budgets will save time and resources. On the platform, we can post thousands of ad campaigns instantly, locally, in a targeted fashion, without hassle.”
SOCi Ads PLUS is available immediately on the SOCi platform. For more information on how to utilize SOCi Ads PLUS to proactively manage your localized social advertising, please visit this link. About SOCi #60 on the 2018 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in America, SOCi is the leading social media and reputation management platform built to address the complex workflow needs of highly visible multi-location businesses. An award-winning leader in the industry, SOCi has pioneered more than a dozen unique marketing tools to help multi-location brands oversee, maintain, and protect their brand at the national level, while simultaneously scaling presence across hundreds, sometimes thousands, of local pages. For more information on how SOCi can fuel the success of your social media channels while protecting what matters most—your online reputation—visit

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