The Social Media Game Changer You’ve Been Waiting For

AI-Powered Content Development and Customer Engagement

Discover Genius Social, the latest addition to SOCi’s CoMarketing Cloud suite. Genius Social isn’t just another tool; it’s a powerful AI automation layer added to our core social product that is revolutionizing how multi-location marketers create localized content and engage with consumers across every location and every social media site at scale.


Experience an exclusive demo with our product team, offering an insider’s view into Genius Social.





1. Discover how to get your marketing software to truly work for you by letting AI do the heavy lifting, allowing your local managers to do what they do best…running their business.


2. Uncover how to make more impact with less effort with an AI-driven social media strategy


3. How to capitalize on the $1.1M in social media value businesses lose out on due to limited social presence and engagement



The present is SOCi, the future is Genius.


We are completely changing the game of how local social media is executed. Watch now and find out.


Speaker 1: Falk Gottlob  | Chief Product Officer

Speaker 2: Brooke Starling | Product Marketing Manager

Speaker 3: Jenette Simisky | Senior Director of Product Management

Speaker 4: Chris Brownlee | Senior Director of Product Management