ECHO-USA Revs Up Page Views By 152% With Local Pages Revamp

The Challenge

ECHO-USA is a recognized leader in outdoor power equipment, with a 50-year history and a network of more than 6,000 independent dealers. The brand wanted to make users aware of its products and to support its dealer network in local organic search. Localized marketing can be a big challenge for manufacturers, who often don’t have access to the same channels SMBs and chains use to promote themselves in local markets. With the goal of supporting local dealers, ECHO-USA saw an opportunity to take its existing local landing pages and introduce several targeted upgrades designed to appeal to a broad audience of local consumers.

The SOCi Solution

ECHO-USA worked collaboratively with SOCi to redesign and upgrade the local pages for its thousands of dealers. In addition to optimizing fundamental SEO components such as meta descriptions, H1 tags, and site breadcrumbs, ECHO-USA and SOCi worked to improve the freshness of content and to create more conversion opportunities. Using SOCi’s content management tools, the brand began updating local page text content once per quarter and YouTube-hosted product videos every other month. In addition, dedicated content areas were established for promoting special events such as one-day sales.


ECHO-USA’s local pages saw traffic gains immediately upon the launch of the upgraded design, with an increase in page views of 111% over the prior month. These gains increased during the first full month of the program, where page views grew by an impressive 152%, more than doubling local consumer exposure for the brand compared to the period before launch.

SOCi Results

“Locating a dealer is a critical function of the ECHO-USA website. Through our partnership with SOCi and the redesign of the dealer pages, we’ve enhanced the user’s online experience and enabled them to get an ECHO product in their hands faster and easier.” – Ken Osberg, Director of Marketing ECHO-USA


After leveraging SOCi, ECHO-USA saw the following areas of improvement…



Increase in page views by month two



Growth in page sessions year over year



Increase in time spent on page




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