Marketing Mythbusters: You Don’t Need Buy-In From Local Property Teams to Execute Marketing Successfully

Find out whether your property management company should be leveraging local property teams to execute localized marketing successfully.

For our next marketing myth, we’ll take at if property management companies need buy-in from local property teams to market effectively. Many property management teams market from the corporate level and aren’t convinced that localized marketing will have an impact in terms of new residents and return on investment.  SOCi is here to bust these myths!


Tune into the video to learn:

  • The importance of a localized marketing strategy for property management companies
  • Tips for developing an effective ratings and reviews strategy
  • Why local social is a necessary component of localized marketing and how your local property teams play a role
  • Other aspects of localized marketing your local property teams should be aware of

This video includes important information you don’t want to miss.