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Redefining CoMarketing Through AI


Marketing has evolved rapidly, fueled by digital innovation and the desire to grab customers’ attention. In this ever-changing digital landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the term “co-marketing.”


This article explores the reimagination of “comarketing” as a term and how it’s revolutionizing multi-location enterprises’ marketing strategies through AI.


The Traditional Definition of Co-Marketing


Traditional “co-marketing,” or collaborative marketing, implies the joint efforts of at least two organizations sharing resources to promote their mutual interests. Traditionally, this takes the form of co-branded advertising, product integration, or an endorsement by one of the partners.


A New Definition of Comarketing, Without the Hyphen


However, generative AI and machine learning are reshaping traditional partnerships, leading to a new form of “comarketing.” Eliminating the hyphen symbolizes marketers’ partnering with generative AI technology.


In this modern context, comarketing is less about collaborating with other companies, brands, or persons and focuses on partnering with intelligent AI systems capable of producing, refining, and executing marketing strategies.


Generative AI platforms aren’t just mere tools. They’re strategic marketing partners. 


By leveraging data and pattern recognition, generative AI can:

  • Craft personalized content at scale with targeted, data-driven messages
  • Improve efficiency by automating daily tasks, like reporting and social media posting
  • Unlock hidden insights by analyzing customer data to help with individualizing the customer experience
  • Predict future trends to aid your decision-making and planning


Enter CoMarketing Clouds


The marriage of AI and human marketers as “comarketing” is not just a trendy buzzword; it’s a powerful synergy proven to deliver results. Thus, enter CoMarketing Clouds.


CoMarketing Clouds serve as trusted partners for marketers, combining the expertise of a marketer and data scientist into one AI-driven engine. CoMarketing Clouds can intelligently assist marketers across various areas of marketing by analyzing data, making recommendations, and generating content.


Why Multi-Location Enterprises Need CoMarketing Clouds


Multi-location enterprises can benefit most from comarketing technology. It’s challenging for corporate and local marketing teams to handle hundreds of daily engagements across multiple platforms and business locations. 


Over 800 multi-location brands have turned to SOCi for help. SOCi is the CoMarketing Cloud of multi-location enterprises.


SOCi Genius Social on laptop


Our innovative platform brings intelligent omnichannel automation to the local level. It’s a unified ecosystem that makes informed decisions based on a deep understanding of your local marketers and customer behaviors.


We empower marketers with the knowledge and data needed to become industry leaders.


We cannot explore our CoMarketing Cloud without highlighting SOCi Genius. 


SOCi Genius is the intelligent engine that drives the platform. It operates as your proactive marketing partner, automating and enhancing your local marketing strategies by aggregating and processing data to generate tailored campaigns and content for each location.


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