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How to Write Effective Content for Local Landing Pages


If your existing local marketing strategy includes local landing pages for individual store locations, then you should make sure the content on those pages is optimized for search. The most successful local landing pages feature content specific to each store, in addition to relevant keywords and specific location names wherever applicable.


Just as no two locations in a chain business are exactly the same, no two local landing pages should be exactly alike, either. The easiest way to differentiate landing pages and boost search rankings is by creating differentiated writing unique content.


Tips for Local Landing Page Content


We know that landing page design can have a big impact on conversions, but what about content? Does location-specific content improve SEO rank or conversions for local landing pages?


The answer is, definitively, yes.


Local keywords are crucial for SEO. The unique content that you develop for local landing pages should be optimized for the surrounding area, with keywords and phrases that customers living around targeted locations are likely to use in Google search.


According to Google, 88% of people who conduct local searches on their smartphones visit a related store within a week. One of our goals with local landing pages is to capture the attention of shoppers conducting local searches. Writing location-specific content for local landing pages is one of the ways we can do that.


The best keywords to use when writing content for local landing pages are keywords that are relevant to the business, have high search volume, and are geo-targeted or geo-modified. To find relevant keywords for local landing pages, you can use a tool like the Google Keyword Planner.


The keywords that you select should be used in blog posts and articles that are featured on your local landing pages. For example, a hotel chain might include articles about the “Top 10” things to do or restaurants to try in the areas around each hotel property. A car dealership might write blog posts with location-specific advice, like a list of the best car washes near each dealership location.



Best Practices for Writing Landing Page Content


  • Research local keywords
  • Develop a location-specific blog
  • Create how-to articles and guides that are relevant to the industry and location
  • Post engaging photos specific to each location
  • Publish first-party reviews on your site
  • Advertise in-store events and promotion
  • Post a profile of the store manager for each location
  • Create differentiated video content
  • Sponsor local events, clubs, or teams and mention them on the store page
  • Incorporate social feeds on store pages


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