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The Anatomy of a Well Designed Local Landing Page


The battle over local search is getting fierce. Brands are fighting tooth and nail for local clicks, and consumers are getting pickier about what information they expect to find when they search for businesses online.


Local landing pages are becoming increasingly useful to brands. Not only do they provide online visitors with the information they need, but they do so in a quick and digestible format. In addition to being a valuable resource to potential customers, local pages also help brands stand out in organic search. The most effective local landing pages are well designed, with content that is strategically placed and optimized to maximize traffic and conversions.


How to Optimize a Local Landing Page?


A well-designed local landing page includes these six components:


  1. Clean URL:  Landing page URLs with code-like text can lower your website’s ranking. Make sure that Index.html, %20, or any uppercase letters do not appear in your landing page URLs.

  2. Keywords in the Page Title:  The business name, address, and state should always be included as keywords in the page title on local landing pages, along with any keywords that are specific to a brand’s primary focus. If the keyword is in your business name, you won’t need to repeat it.

  3. Location Map: Whenever possible, local pages should include maps that show customers where the store is located and what services are offered at that specific location. A map with a pin indicating the store’s location is useful, as well.

  4. CTA Buttons: -Common calls -to -action to include on local pages include buttons with phrases like, “Get Directions,” “Order Online,” “Book Now,” and “Contact Us.”

  5. Special Information: Make sure to promote whatever makes your location unique, including special offers, seasonal dishes, and local events.

  6. Location Features:  Local pages should include details about the specific location, such as whether there is patio or outdoor seating, services available, and departments.


While the prospect of building dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of local landing pages can be daunting, the results speak for themselves. Local pages have been shown to generate incredible ROI for brands, especially when coupled with other local marketing tactics, like listings management.




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