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What is a Local Landing Page?


Why is a Local Landing Page Important?


One of the most important components in a local marketing strategy is the development of local landing pages. A local landing page, also known as a location page, is a web page that has been created for an individual store location belonging to a chain or franchise. A brand with hundreds of store locations might have hundreds of local landing pages, each containing information that is specific to the geographic area the business serves.


Local landing pages tend to be most prevalent among service-based businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses with multiple locations.


Local landing pages are high conversion pages. Ideally, these web pages should be optimized for local search so they appear in the first page of search results (SERPs) when people search for relevant location-targeted or geo-modified keywords.


According to a survey, 18% of local smartphone searches lead to a purchase within a day, compared to 7% of non-local searches. Because local landing pages have such high conversion rates, businesses should get these web pages in front of as many local searchers as possible.


Tips for Local Landing Pages


How do we do that?



For the best results, all local landing pages should be optimized for local search. Keep the following tips in mind as you develop your local landing pages:


  • Relevant keywords should always be included in the page title.
  • Prominent CTA buttons should encourage visitors to take action immediately.
  • Local pages should include a map so the customer can see where the business is located.
  • Local landing pages are the ideal place to promote special information, like seasonal dishes or special events.
  • Recent social media posts and reviews should be displayed on local pages.
  • Landing page URLs should be clean and human-readable, and they should not include extraneous letters.
  • Local business information such as business name, address, phone number, and hours of operation should be marked up using standards, so that search engines understand that your pages contain local business content.



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