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What Additional Features Can Store Locators Use to Engage Customers?


Store locator software helps enterprise brands bring customers into brick-and-mortar stores. With 78% of local-mobile searches online now resulting in offline purchases, the value of a store locator has risen sharply.


When store locators are placed on brand websites, they make it easier for shoppers to find store locations and hours of operation and learn about exclusive deals nearby. Some store locators even include special features such as appointment booking, request a quote, and send directions to phone or email.


We know that store locators increase offline conversions, and we know that they put more control and automation into the hands of brand marketers. But within the broad category of store locators, there are dozens of different styles, varieties, and features to choose from. Some store locators add more value than others. 


The best store locators include tools to create frictionless conversion paths for consumers. The best options are also those that harness the power of voice search, allowing brands to become faster, smarter, and more personal when engaging with potential customers online. 


Best Examples of Store Locators


Store locator software has evolved over the past decade, and store locators that were considered modern just five years ago might not seem as advanced today.


The latest class of store locators include the following features:


  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Custom designs and fields
  • Lead generation features
  • Coupons and offers
  • SMS integrations
  • Online scheduling
  • Review building 
  • Trip planners
  • Product inventories


Top store locator software gives brands the advantage of high customizability, so they can bring their customers’ attention to a wide range of offerings, store types, and features. Restaurant chains have also begun using store locators to promote online ordering and reservations with third-party ordering vendors.


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