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A Look Into Google’s Bard + How It Works


As a multi-location marketer, you’ve likely heard increased conversations around artificial intelligence (AI). While AI has existed for decades, conversational chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard have garnered significant attention. 


With all the buzz, you may wonder how to implement these chatbots into your localized marketing efforts. This article will focus on Google’s Bard, explain what it is, how to create an account and share how you can leverage it in your marketing efforts.


A Look Into Google’s Bard 


Bard is Google’s conversational AI tool powered by Google’s LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). Google describes Bard as a tool “useful in supporting productivity, creativity, and curiosity — acting as a user’s creative and helpful collaborator.” Google also explains that Bard is experimental and still relies on testers’ and users’ feedback to give more accurate information.


Users can ask Bard a question or request, and Bard will provide thoughtful and human-like answers. Bard can draw its answers from the internet in real-time. 


Now that you understand what Bard is and how it works, let’s explore how to use it!


How to Use Google’s Bard


As a marketer, one of the best ways to start understanding how technologies like Bard work is to start using it. To use Bard, you must have a Google email account. You can access Bard using this link once you sign into your account.  


You can then select “Try Bard,” as seen below. It’s worth noting that if you’re using a Gmail account tied to a Google Workspace (these are often corporate accounts), your admin may have yet to administer access to Bard. If that’s the case, try logging in from a personal Gmail account. 


The homepage of Google's Bard



You’ll then be asked to agree to Bard’s Terms & Privacy. After agreeing, you will reach the page where you can ask Bard a question or request. As of now, Bard is free to all users who are over the age of 18.


Ways Marketers Can Leverage Bard


There are various ways multi-location marketers can use Bard. Because Bard often provides human-like responses, you can use it to help support content development. For instance, if you’re stuck on ideas for a local social post, you can ask Bard for some ideas. 


In the example below, we asked Bard to draft social post options for the first day of Summer in Florida.


An example of Google's Bard responding to the prompt "Draft a social post about the first day of summer in Florida"



Another use case for conversational AI tools is in your reputation management efforts. For instance, if your restaurant brand received a review complaining about long wait times, you can ask Bard for suggestions on how to respond. 


An example of Google's Bard responding to the prompt "Respond to a review complaining about a long wait time at a restaurant"



You may see the “view other drafts” on the right-hand side. That allows you to view other options that Bard has come up with. The pencil next to the request also allows you to edit your request if needed. 


It’s important to note that while these responses can be helpful, they still require a human touch. When responding to reviews, adding in your personalization is critical. We recommend doing your own online research and reviewing what Bard has written before using any of its answers or text.


Dominate Your Marketing Efforts With AI  


Bard and other conversational chatbots have shown us that AI is here to stay. Familiarizing yourself with tools like Bard is a great place to start if you’re looking to streamline your marketing strategy and leverage the latest technology. 


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