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Google Products


Adding products to your business profile on Google drives customer interactions and helps showcase the items you sell. Online visitors who click on your listing in Google search will see a “Products” tab or carousel (depending on the interface) with information about all the products you offer.


Functionally, Google’s products feature works similarly to a menu. If you are a merchant, Google encourages you to include information about the products you sell — including descriptions, prices, and photos, when applicable — on your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business profile). Your items will appear together in a Product catalog web searchers will see when they click on your listing.


The Product editor tool is designed to showcase featured products, rather than your store’s entire inventory. Nearly all categories of business can use the Product editor to show off the items they sell to potential customers online. The Product editor tool is available to larger multi-location businesses as well as SMBs. Businesses that choose to upload their entire store inventory via the Google Merchant Center or via integration with Google’s Pointy tool will lose access to the GMB Products feature.


To add a product menu to your listing, follow these steps:


Step 1: Sign in to your Business Profile Manager dashboard (formerly Google My Business dashboard).


Step 2: Click the “Products” tab, and then click “Add Products.”


Step 3: Enter a name for each product category.


Step 4: Add products to each product category.


Step 5: Give each of your products a title, and upload a photo of each item. You also have the option to add prices and brief descriptions of your products.


Step 6: Save each product category as you continue uploading all of your products.


Keep in mind that all products submitted through the Product editor must adhere to Google’s Posts content policy. You can view that policy here.


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