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How Does Google Business Profile Display Information in the Native Languages of Different Countries?


Have you ever wondered how people outside the United States are viewing your Google listings? For businesses in certain industries, including hotels, restaurants, tourism organizations, and other hospitality businesses, having a Google listing that displays information in native languages across many different countries is incredibly important.


Google’s international market is huge, and it’s growing larger every year. Given that most of the world does not speak English, it’s in Google’s interest to make sure that Google Business Profiles (formerly Google My Business listings) display in the native languages of consumers in different countries.


If you’re curious about where the customers searching for your business are located, begin by going to Google Analytics and looking at the “Language and Location” of your audience. This should give you a good idea of which traffic segments are visiting your website most frequently and where you have the most need for international SEO.


Google can translate addresses and other listing content based on a user’s set language, which means your business listings and online reviews may be translated automatically into different native languages without you even realizing it. 


Google Maps is language dependent, which means results will generally appear in the language the user types. If the native language on a user’s Maps is set to Arabic, for example, then the business address will come up in that language even if the business’ default Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) page language is set to English. 


Most businesses do not need to create separate Google Business Profile for different countries and audiences, as this may result in duplicate listings. However, if you are concerned that your Google Business Profile is not reaching international audiences, then you may need to reach out to an agency like SOCi for support.


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