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What is the Google 3-Pack?


When you search for a local business on Google, the first three results that typically display are what’s known as Google 3-Pack. Google 3-Pack is a format for displaying top results for local business searches. The 3-Pack (also known as the local pack or snack pack) sits alongside a map that shows where each business is located, along with basic information about each business. The 3-Pack’s position above organic search results make this valuable real estate for any local business trying to reach consumers with local intent. 

Local Pack or Google 3 Pack map with red arrows overlayed on laptop

Users who click on a 3-Pack link are taken to a list of 20 businesses, with the business they selected positioned at the top of that list. Users then have the option to click on a business’ link to visit its website, call the business, or click for directions.


To determine which businesses will rank in the 3-Pack, Google considers a user’s query and their location. Business relevancy, prominence, and proximity to the user are all factors. Only businesses with a Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly known as Google My Business, listing are eligible. Businesses with optimized GBP listings seem to have increased chances of appearing in Google 3-Pack.


Based on the 3-Pack’s prominent position on top of Google search results, it appears that featured businesses are “recommended” by Google. It’s clear that ranking in the Google 3-Pack is a powerful driver of traffic for businesses. Appearing in the 3-Pack is one of three potential ways for a business to show up on the first page of Google results for relevant local searches, followed by local PPC and local SEO.


For more information on how to rank for the Google 3-Pack, click here.

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