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An Introduction Into Meta’s Threads


In July, Meta released a new app, Threads. The Instagram team built the text-sharing platform. As a multi-location marketer, staying on top of the latest search and social platforms is essential, including basic knowledge of Threads. 


Within this article, we’ll share more insight into what Threads is, how it works, what it means for your brand, and more. Let’s get started! 


Breaking Down Meta’s Threads 


Threads became the most rapidly downloaded app in less than a day, with more than 30 million downloads in less than 24 hours. Many marketers have called Threads a Twitter-like app, which you can sign up for through your Instagram account.


Posts on threads can be up to 500 characters long (compared to 280 for standard Twitter users) and include links, photos, and videos up to five minutes long. Below you’ll find an example of what the Threads platform looks like. 



An example from Instagram highlighting what the Threads platform looks like


Courtesy: Instagram 


When signing up for Threads, you’ll get the option to follow the same people you’re following on Instagram or go through and select who you want to follow. Because it’s part of Meta’s applications, you can also easily share threads to your Instagram story. Threads also allows you to repost and quote threads that resonate with you, as seen below. 



An example of Threads allowing you to respost and quote other posts


Courtesy of Instagram 


What Threads Means for Your Brand 


Now that you understand the basics of Threads, let’s dive into what this means for your brand. Because Threads is relatively new, it’s unclear what impact it will have on local social media. So, where do you start? 


The National Retail Federation reports that 9 of the top 10 retailers in the U.S. have activated their Threads accounts. When reviewing what these brands post, Stephanie Miles with Street Fight Magazine mentioned that many brands have adopted a “fun, casual” approach to Threads content. 


While you don’t necessarily need to start posting on Threads right away, it may be worth looking at the platform and seeing what others in your industry are sharing. You should also consider your target audience — if they spend time on Threads, it’s worth setting up an account and being active on it. 


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