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How to Add an Appointment Link to Your Google Business Profile


Google business profiles (GBPs) are one of, if not the most important local listings. Therefore, you must claim and optimize your GBPs the best you can. Doing so will increase your chances of ranking well in search engine result pages (SERPs).


One way to optimize your GBPs is by adding appointment links to your profiles. In this article, we’ll explain step-by-step how to add a booking or appointment link to your Google Business Profiles. 


As you’d expect, these are links that allow potential customers to book an appointment with your brand, schedule something online, and more.


Steps For Adding a Booking Link to Your GBP


Step 1: Sign into your GBP


Step 2: Click the “Bookings” icon on your desktop or laptop. Depending on your Google business category and transaction type, you might see “food ordering,” “pickup,” or “delivery” instead of “Booking.”


If you don’t see “Booking” or a similar icon, bookings aren’t available for your business category or region.

Screenshot of GBP manager with a green arrow pointing to Bookings

Step 3: Next, scroll down to the second image where you see “Link to your online booking tools.” Then, click the “Add a link” button.

Screenshot of GBP manager with a green arrow pointing to add a link

Step 4: Once you click the “add link” button, it will change to a URL fill where you can type or paste your preferred booking URL. Then, click save. 


Now, check that your profile correctly displays the booking link. Note, sometimes there’s a short delay in publishing your updated appointment or booking link. Below is an example of a booking link on one of Motto Mortgage’s GBPs.

Screenshot of GBP manager with a green rectangle around the appointment link.

Note, within your GBP you can click on the performance icon to see how many clicks your appointment or booking link has. If you want more analytics, you can add UTM parameters to your link.


Get Help Optimizing Your GBPs and Other Local Listings


Optimizing your Google Business Profile (GBP) is crucial for enhancing your online visibility and ranking in search engine results. Adding an appointment link to your GBP can streamline the booking process for your customers. 


Following these simple steps ensures that your profile effectively displays this valuable link, ultimately improving your business’s online presence and accessibility.


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