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Maximizing Your MarTech — The Secrets to AI Effectiveness


As a marketer, getting the most out of your efforts is always the end goal. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. You can use AI to boost efficiency and improve overall performance. 


But how can you leverage AI to get the most out of your efforts? That’s where this blog comes in! We break down the top three secrets to AI effectiveness and what tactics your brand should leverage to get the most out of your AI usage. 


Whether you’re just starting with AI or already have a robust strategy, there’s still more to learn! Let’s get into it. 


1. Unify Your Tech Stack 


The first step to ensuring you get the most out of your AI usage is to assess and unify your tech stack. Think about your multi-location brand’s current marketing tech (MarTech) stack. Are you using one solution for your local social efforts and another to manage your online reputation? Where do local listings or a digital ad strategy fit in? 


Too many tools can lead to a number of problems including: 

  • An increased amount of time spent on learning new platforms 
  • A delay in other projects or a decrease in quality 
  • Lack of communication between tools 
  • High costs from overlapping functionalities 
  • Data silos that hinder cross-collaboration 


A green flow chart showing a fragmented tech stack because of the use of too many MarTech tools



Often, you can consolidate your efforts into a single solution or two, depending on the software’s offerings. A consolidated tech stack streamlines your marketing processes by integrating various tools and systems into one platform.


Doing so often leads to cost savings and increased efficiency, not to mention less time spent on learning multiple tools. 


And you may be wondering how AI fits into a consolidated tech stack. AI is all the hype nowadays and the best MarTech platforms have an AI automation layer over them. More on these  types of AI MarTech solutions later! 


2. Consolidate and Refine Data 


A consolidated tech stack makes it easier for you to refine your data. As mentioned, fragmented tech stacks lead to a lack of communication between solutions and, ultimately, a broken data foundation. 


For instance, if you’re collecting review data from one tool with an AI layer and using another AI solution for social media, you have two separate data sets. 


These data sets and AI software aren’t communicating with, much less training, each other. Additionally, optimizing one won’t help the other. 


When multiple solutions are developed independently to address specific challenges, data integration becomes daunting. 


Consolidated data provides a more comprehensive view of customer behavior and preferences across various platforms and touchpoints. AI can analyze this data to create detailed customer profiles and predict future behavior, allowing brands to personalize marketing efforts more effectively.


If data can learn from other data, you’ll get a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of customers and market trends. This brings us to our next point: training and optimizing your efforts. 


3. Train and Optimize Your Efforts 


The last secret to improving your AI effectiveness may seem obvious, but many marketers overlook it. While refining your data is essential, it’s useless unless you do something with it. That’s where analyzing the data, training your AI, and making optimizations comes in. 


For instance, AI can aggregate data from different marketing channels, such as social media, email campaigns, and customer interactions, to train itself on patterns and trends. Using this knowledge, AI can optimize future marketing efforts by:


  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Predicting customer behavior
  • Personalizing strategies to enhance engagement and results


Take Amazon for example, they recommend personalized products based on customers’ interactions within their platforms.



An example of Amazon's "Recommended for You" product section



It’s worth noting that while AI is a powerful tool, human oversight is always needed. Your brand should look at some of the data and ensure that the AI technology makes the best recommendations for future success. 


Maximize Your Efforts With SOCi Genius 


You understand how to maximize your results with AI. What’s next? Finding the right solution to support your journey. SOCi is here to help! 


Our Genius AI automation layer leverages advanced data science, best-in-class generative AI, “on-brand” training models, and leading localization and automation tools to make data-driven decisions. 


SOCi Genius powers our CoMarketing Cloud — a single, unified ecosystem that deeply understands your local markets and customer behaviors. The CoMarketing Cloud, with your marketing team’s help, fuels more innovative marketing strategies and increases ROI.


For instance, our Genius Reviews solution uses AI to generate on-brand responses to online reviews and ratings in seconds. Moreover, our recently released Genius Social enables you to interact with social media engagements and generate highly engaging and location-specific content.



A GIF highlighting SOCi's Genius Social product



Having a successful AI strategy doesn’t need to be complicated. Request a demo today to learn more about how Genius can help you dominate your marketing efforts with the help of AI!



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