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Maximizing Ease and Efficiency: Best Practices for Leveraging Your Multi-Location Business Software’s Custom Roles and Workflows


Successfully marketing multi-location businesses requires more than just adopting the latest flashy solutions and tactics. In times like these, the low-hanging fruit guaranteed to improve your bottom line is ensuring you have the right tools and are fully leveraging those tools to maximize operational efficiencies. 


With the right technology stack and strategies, multi-location brands can streamline operations, boost productivity, and ensure constructive collaboration across locations. One important part of the optimization process is to make sure you’re using custom workflows, permissions, dashboards, and views to tailor your software tools to the unique needs of each location and user role.


One Size Does Not Fit All


Role-specific workflows are the backbone of efficient operations in multi-location marketing. By assigning specific roles to individuals and customizing workflows to match organizational processes, businesses can ensure that tasks are delegated effectively, responsibilities are clearly defined, and operations run smoothly.


The Power of Customization


Custom user roles allow businesses to tailor permissions and access levels based on the responsibilities and expertise of individuals within the organization. Whether granting access to specific marketing tools, controlling data visibility, or assigning administrative privileges, custom roles ensure each team member has the access needed to perform their duties effectively without the noise of unnecessary and irrelevant information.


Similarly, custom workflows enable businesses to map out processes, automate tasks, and streamline workflows across locations. By defining sequential steps, assigning tasks, and setting up notifications, businesses can ensure that their teams follow processes consistently, meet deadlines, and minimize bottlenecks.


Best Practices for Creating User Roles


1. Define Clear Roles and Responsibilities: Start by identifying the key roles within your organization and defining the responsibilities associated with each role. This clarity ensures that team members understand their roles and perform their duties effectively.


2. Customize Workflows to Match Processes: Map out your marketing processes and customize workflows to match your organizational structure and objectives. Automate repetitive tasks, set up approval processes, and establish clear communication channels to streamline operations. Your SOCi Customer Success Manager can help you configure SOCi to align with your processes. 


3. Grant Permissions Wisely: When creating custom roles, grant permissions based on the principle of least privilege. Limit access to sensitive data and tools to only those who require it to perform their duties, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.


4. Regularly Review and Update: As your organization evolves, regularly review and update your custom roles, workflows, dashboards, and views to ensure they align with your current objectives and processes. Solicit feedback from team members and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and optimization. Automated permission controls like Smart Groups in SOCi help make this easier. 


Unlock The Potential of Custom Roles with SOCi


SOCi’s latest enhancements to Roles and User Permissions empower businesses to streamline operations, enhance security, and drive success across all locations. With SOCi, you can create and define custom roles, assign tailored permissions, and fortify security by granting appropriate access. Whether you’re an enterprise brand or a financial services firm, SOCi’s Roles and User Management features provide an added layer of protection, ensuring focused access and streamlined operations.


Don’t let stale software with rigid user management systems hold your business back. With SOCi, you can take corporate and local team operations to the next level and unlock the full potential of your multi-location marketing efforts. Reach out to our team today to explore how SOCi’s CoMarketing Cloud for multi-location enterprises can help you achieve your most challenging goals.



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