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The only central place to scale compliant, localized marketing across every channel, at every location.

Increase your local brand visibility, engagements and drive more traffic and customers to your brand, all while adhering to the regulatory and compliance needs within the industry. Discover SOCi Shield – the exclusive all-in-one proactive compliance solution tailored for the financial services industry. SOCi Shield ensures flawless adherence to regulatory standards, safeguards your brand’s online integrity, and streamlines local marketing efforts. Embrace the future of compliance with unmatched protection and simplicity. Experience the revolution in multi-location financial services compliance with SOCi Shield.


The Local Social Content Guide For Financial Services Companies

Stand out from your competition with a strong localized marketing strategy. Download the guide now.

Scale compliant social strategies.

  • The most comprehensive, compliance solution to scale social media management
  • Decrease potential compliance risk with keyword-based policies and real-time alerts
  • Save time with automated content and brand supervision
  • Streamline auditing with a full record of social media activity across every location


Optimize search visibility.

  • Centralize local profile and business information across top directories and sites
  • Beat out the competition by maximizing unbranded search rankings
  • Measure the impact of SEO strategies through traffic and conversion improvements
  • Pinpoint and address decreases in revenue across locations while analyzing the market and competitors


Maximize Your Local Reputation.

  • Monitor, manage, and personalize responses to all local reviews in one place
  • Consolidate time with automated workflows specific to team needs
  • Make informed business decisions by analyzing emerging sentiment trends


Build trust with digital-driven experiences.

SOCi empowers regulated brands to drive more business to independent agents and stand out as a preferred brand across all stages of the local customer journey. Easily manage hundreds or thousands of agents and locations’ organic and paid social content, information, reviews, local pages, and more with SOCi.



Stay connected with your customers. With SOCi’s holistic marketing platform, financial firms can be everywhere their customers are. SOCi’s flexible, scalable solution empowers banks, accountants, tax preparers, and financial firms to capture, convert, and retain more clients – all while adhering to regulatory guidelines.



Turn online searches into life-long customers. Increased local search visibility places your business front and center on the top sites and directories – driving leads to your business. Harness the power of SOCi’s all-in-one platform to leverage dynamic variables that localize content strategies and increase engagement.



Drive traffic to your mortgage lenders. With SOCi’s scalable, social media management, loan officers, lenders, mortgage brokers, and underwriters can elevate social strategies to engage with local customers. Get found easily and increase revenue with streamlined listings management.

Everything else you need to manage localized marketing at-scale.


Integrated Reporting

Remove the silos of data that exist with managing your digital marketing across multiple platforms. Quantify, validate, and easily present the success of your marketing efforts at the national, regional, or local level.


Scalable Workflow

With adjustable manager permissions settings, customizable email notifications, and a streamlined approval process, SOCi can be fully customized to fit your needs.


High Adoption

SOCi now offers the same performance and ease of use, available on mobile. Increase local level adoption by empowering users to see every alert, respond to reviews and comments even faster, and create social media content on the go.


Professional Services

Don’t have the time or resources to manage your localized marketing strategy? Let the professionals at SOCi do it for you. The best part — we guarantee results!

Ready to take your localized marketing to the next level? Request your free demo today.

What our customers say about SOCi

  • “Boost PLUS has streamlined our ability to boost posts at both the corporate level and across our large multi-location franchises. Through consolidated reporting, we can easily see what is working and make changes on the fly to improve performance. Most of all, we loved the recommended posts feature which greatly improved our efficiency, reach, and engagement.”

    Juliet Diiorio

    Former Chief Marketing Officer, Liberty Tax

  • “We have already seen that SOCi will provide this insight within our decentralized model of business. Having a finger on the pulse of reviews, survey results, and social media engagements allows us to see both the positive and negatives happening in the communities our offices serve.”

    Kelly Gill

    VP Marketing and Advertising, Motto Franchising, LLC

  • “Insurance agents and brokers rely on their reputations to attract and retain clients. SOCi will help us maintain a positive image by monitoring and managing online reviews, social media, and other online content that may impact our reputation. Trust is a vital component of an insurance agent’s relationship with its clients. SOCI will help in building trust by creating and promoting positive content, addressing negative feedback and complaints, and encouraging clients to share their positive experiences.”

    Christian Montiel

    Director of Business Development, Estrella Insurance


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