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Optimize Your Localized Marketing Strategy With SOCi’s New Reports BETA


The world of multi-location marketing is fast-paced and constantly evolving. Multi-location marketers are faced with the challenge of staying on top of the latest localized marketing trends while continuously producing premium content. There’s no question that you’re busy, but how often do you go back and look at how your marketing efforts are performing? Do you know what tactics deliver the best results and where there’s room for improvement? 


It’s time to prove the ROI of your localized marketing efforts to not only yourself but your team and your entire multi-location business. With tools in place to showcase your work’s effectiveness, you’re sure to get the recognition you deserve. With 100s or 1,000s of business locations, it can be hard to keep track of your localized marketing strategy, but SOCi’s New Reports BETA can help! 


Prove the ROI of Your Localized Marketing Efforts 


 As a multi-location marketer, you need to identify top-performing content among your local search and social media platforms to understand what’s working and what’s not. Reporting is an essential part of the multi-location marketers’ role. To exceed customer expectations and maintain a competitive edge, marketers need a simple and intelligent solution to make informed decisions that drive business growth. Reporting tools allow you to keep track of various aspects of your localized marketing plan and provide the data you need to continue dominating your competitors. 


The tricky part is finding the right reporting tool. It’s essential to determine the metrics you want to track and ensure the reporting suite you choose allows you to execute your plan. For instance, do you want to know how your local Facebook posts are performing? Are you interested in metrics surrounding your Google My Business account? These are things to keep in mind. 


Introducing SOCi’s New Reporting Suite 


The SOCi Reporting Suite, which is currently in beta and available for all SOCi users, can help you keep track of all of the previously mentioned metrics and more. With the SOCi Reporting Suite, multi-location marketers can take advantage of automated, easy-to-use reports. The tool also allows you to gain quick critical content insights and determine the ROI of your localized marketing efforts across all business locations. From monitoring Google My Business to Facebook, Twitter, and more, the SOCi Reporting Suite has you covered. 


Still not convinced? With the SOCi Reporting Suite, your multi-location business can: 


  • Increase Performance: Find top-performing content and begin focusing your efforts on similar content to drive a winning localized marketing strategy that will build brand awareness and increase sales. 
  • Boost Visibility: Gain knowledge into which content and social media efforts are most successful, and leverage those insights to improve your marketing plan further. Doing more of what you do best will boost your business’s online presence. 
  • Save Time: Rather than time spent using various reporting tools to determine how your localized marketing efforts stack up, you can now get all the information you need from a single device. You can instantly access meaningful content insights and get your most important questions answered. 
  • Efficiently Train Local Marketing Teams: The days of complicated reporting should be in your past. The ease of SOCi Reporting Suite allows you to answer any reporting questions your team has with easy-to-use reports. 


The SOCi Reporting Suite equips multi-location marketers with the best tool available to handle complex reporting needs across numerous local search and social platforms. 



Build a Stand-Out Localized Marketing Strategy Today 


If you’re not leveraging SOCi’s Reporting Suite, you’re missing out. Before you get started measuring your localized marketing efforts, it’s essential to set goals. What do you want to achieve through your work? Are you trying to reach a broader audience? What are the goals in terms of ROI? These are critical things to consider to see how far your business has come and gauge whether or not you’re meeting your goals. 


The Reporting Suite provides you with all the data you need to create success when you take the time and effort to adjust your strategy based on the report findings. If your multi-location business wants additional support in creating a winning localized marketing strategy, SOCi has your back! SOCi is the all-in-one platform for multi-location marketers and the central command for your localized marketing needs. Whether you’re looking to dominate your local social efforts or strengthen your reputation management, all while reporting your success, SOCi is here for you! To get more information on how SOCi can give you the support you need to become an industry leader, request a demo today!