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SOCi’s Report Builder: Customizing Your Local Marketing Insights


SOCi’s CoMarketing Cloud, designed for multi-channel marketing at scale, stands out for its ability to collect vast amounts of data from various channels, networks, and locations. This feature empowers businesses to understand local market trends and customer behaviors clearly.


SOCi Insights, building upon the CoMarketing Cloud platform, offers a detailed overview of your brand’s reputation, search, and social media marketing performance at the local level, providing in-depth insights for each location. The integration of the Report Builder with SOCi Insights enables the creation and customization of reports to fit your unique business needs, maximizing the potential of your localized marketing data.


Our CoMarketing Cloud ensures the effective use of your local marketing data, not just in driving strategies with data but in precisely aligning them with the unique needs of each market you serve. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits. 



Visualize Your Marketing Impact Across Every Location

As part of SOCi Insights, multi-location enterprises can incorporate SOCi’s pre-built reports into their strategy for a complete picture of your brand’s search, social, and reputation performance across all locations. These reports enable each location to understand social media performance for more effective content strategies, analyze search performance for increased online visibility, and closely examine customer feedback to enhance reputation management, guiding each location to make informed, data-driven decisions across search, social, and reputation.



Use Custom Reports To Uncover The Insights That Matter

The Report Builder, a new addition to SOCi Insights, enhances the capabilities of multi-location marketers to find, create, and share insights like never before. This addition allows businesses to create reports with data that matters most to their business outcomes and stakeholder needs, providing a deeper and more relevant understanding of marketing performance at every location.


🔎 Find

Quickly access the reports you need with SOCi’s Reporting Suite Dashboard. Custom labels and advanced search capabilities allow for faster, more efficient navigation, ensuring you spend less time searching and more time analyzing the data that matters most to your strategy.



📝 Create

Whether starting from scratch or modifying existing templates, create custom reports across different products and networks, focusing on the metrics crucial to your strategy. 


Enhance your reports with images and text to add context and clarity, and choose from a variety of graph and chart types to best represent your data. This level of customization ensures that your reports provide comprehensive insights across products and networks while resonating with key stakeholders.



✉️ Share

Share critical insights with location managers and relevant stakeholders to facilitate informed decision-making across your business. Easily create ad hoc reports, schedule recurring updates, or distribute them through downloads and live links, ensuring timely and informed decision-making across your business.



3 Ways To Get More From Your Data with SOCi’s Report Builder

SOCi’s Report Builder enables local marketers to create custom reports tailored to specific needs across products and networks. Three types of reports that are particularly beneficial include our:


1. Cross-Channel Performance Report

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s performance across different social media platforms. Create a report across the networks you care about to understand the effectiveness of your strategies and how each channel contributes to overall localized marketing objectives.


2. Localized Sentiment Analysis Report

Bring together sentiment data from reviews, social media, and other feedback channels, offering a detailed view of customer perceptions at a local level.


3. Customer Engagement and Response Time Analysis

By analyzing how quickly and effectively your team responds to customer inquiries and feedback on social media, you can identify areas for improvement and benchmark success in customer interactions.



Get Started With SOCi Insights

SOCi Insights delivers critical insights into every location’s search, social, and reputation strategies. Whether it’s understanding local sentiments, measuring cross-channel performance, or enhancing customer engagement, the Report Builder equips marketers with the ability to create custom reports that offer actionable insights. Dive into the data that matters with SOCi Insights to drive your local marketing strategies forward.


Learn how SOCi’s CoMarketing Cloud and SOCi Insights can transform your data and uncover local market trends and customer behaviors by requesting a demo.

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