Drive strategic campaigns and engagements with the metrics that matter to your business.


“Reporting has been great for monthly and quarterly social checks. And for reputation, being able to see all types of information to compare & contrast, and create goals for all the teams.”


Ariel G.



Elevate your marketing strategy with the metrics that matter.


Every great marketing strategy starts with data and analytics. Get all the metrics that matter to you from the accounts that matter to your business with SOCi’s Insights and Reporting suite.


Actionable, real-time insights across all solutions


Customizable reports, as well as dozens of preset reports


Analyze data at the account, group, & location level

Deliver Impressive Results With an Even More Impressive Looking Report

With SOCi’s Reporting Suite, you have customizable and white-label options for reporting at your fingertips. Whether you are fulfilling for a client or your team, SOCi offers customizable options for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Eclipse the Competition With an Insight-Driven Strategy at Every Level

Wouldn’t it be great to quickly see how each of your locations are doing on social? Or maybe you just want to see your San Diego locations?

With SOCi you can create groups of accounts that will not only allow you to publish content, but also view metrics like fan growth and demographics.

Master your localized marketing strategy and drive growth for your business with SOCi.
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