Announcing SOCi Surveys’ New Integration with Yardi: A Leap Forward in Property Management Feedback


We are excited to introduce a significant update to the SOCi Surveys product through our latest integration with Yardi, a premier property management software. This integration is a strategic enhancement designed to improve how property management companies (PMCs) collect and use resident feedback, ensuring you get the insights you need, at the right time, to deliver services and keep residents happy.


Streamlining Resident Feedback with Automated Surveys


Surveys are critical to the success of maintaining a positive online reputation because they offer PMCs the ability to identify, address, and resolve resident dissatisfaction before a negative review winds up online. By proactively engaging with residents at key touchpoints in the leasing cycle and continuously throughout the resident lifecycle, PMCs using SOCi Surveys find themselves retaining more residents, turning negative feedback into positive reviews, and boasting an online reputation that sets them above competitors. 


With this integration, key events in the leasing cycle managed in Yardi such as move-in, move-out, maintenance, and renewals can now automatically trigger surveys from SOCi. By tapping into the rich data and event triggers within Yardi, SOCi Surveys can now collect more targeted and timely feedback. This not only enhances the value of the surveys but also empowers PMCs to continuously improve their services and resident satisfaction.



Simplified and Automated Process


What makes this integration remarkable is its “set it and forget it” capability. Once set up, PMCs can be confident that the correct surveys are sent to the right residents at the right time, without additional effort. This automation ensures efficient and effective feedback collection, enabling PMCs to offer personalized experiences that encourage higher survey completion rates.


Why SOCi Surveys Stands Above the Rest


SOCi Surveys distinguishes itself through its flexibility. Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach offered by other providers doesn’t cut it, SOCi Surveys was designed to cater to both automated survey sending based on Yardi triggers and custom surveys for specific resident groups. Whether following up after a community event or collecting routine feedback, SOCi Surveys helps PMCs connect with their residents in the most relevant and impactful ways.


Additionally, SOCi Surveys offers a unified inbox and reporting feature, merging survey responses with third-party reviews from top property review networks through SOCi Reviews. This consolidation simplifies workflows and provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of resident sentiment, empowering property managers to make informed decisions and enhance the resident experience.


Surveys allow you to ask specific questions that offer insight into resident preferences, behaviors, and attributes. With these targeted questions, you can discover what truly matters to residents, from their preferred amenities to their living situations. Not only does this help you understand your residents better, but it also sets the stage for the future integration of surveys as a vital signal in the CoMarketing Cloud — fueling SOCi Genius and making our AI more powerful with a deeper understanding of local markets and resident behavior. 


Enhancing Your Resident Feedback Loop with SOCi and Yardi


The integration between SOCi Surveys and Yardi is designed with the modern property management company in mind, focusing on enhancing the resident feedback loop — and establishing SOCi Surveys as an essential tool for PMCs looking to elevate resident engagement and satisfaction.


As we continue to innovate and improve our offerings, we’re committed to helping our customers succeed in the competitive property management industry. This integration represents our dedication to providing tools that meet the evolving needs of PMCs and improve the property manager experience.


Discover how the new SOCi Surveys and Yardi integration can transform your approach to resident feedback and help you build stronger, more engaged communities. Book a demo today and experience the power of the SOCi Surveys and Yardi integration in action.

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