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The Revolution of Real Estate & Marketing: A Conversation With Century 21


In today’s digital-first world, real estate agents must adapt to survive, and social media has emerged as a critical tool for this transformation. With 100% of homebuyers using the internet in their property search, real estate professionals can no longer afford to sideline efforts around their online presence, particularly when it comes to social media. 


In fact, real estate agents cited social media (52%) as their top tool for getting quality leads. A solid social media strategy is necessary, as it’s become a pivotal avenue for lead generation and brand establishment. 


That’s where this blog comes in! We’ll recap the top takeaways from a recent conversation with Century 21 on the power of social media for real estate. It’s worth noting that while there are other ways your brand can strengthen online visibility, this piece will focus on social media. 


You’ll walk away with actionable steps agents at your brokerage can take to level up their social efforts and stand out from competitors. We’ll also explain how SOCi can help you manage and improve your social efforts at scale. Let’s get into it! 


The Role of Social Media in Real Estate


Before diving into how real estate agents can leverage social media to its fullest potential, let’s examine its role in the industry. The average home buyer is 36, and Facebook and Instagram are their most used social media platforms


Social media is indispensable for real estate brokerages aiming to modernize their customer acquisition strategies. With many buyers relying on the internet for property searches, establishing a robust social media presence is no longer optional, but essential.


According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2021, 90% of real estate agents use Facebook, followed by Instagram (52%), and LinkedIn (48%). 


Without social media, your agents could be missing out on a significant volume of leads. Social platforms facilitate direct-to-consumer marketing, allowing real estate agents to enhance customer relationships and build brand loyalty through personalized interactions.


Overcoming Social Media Challenges


So, if social media is so important, what keeps real estate agents from using it? Navigating social media presents several challenges for agents, from manually uploading content to maintaining an active presence and to producing engaging posts. 


Additionally, many real estate professionals leverage social media without any insight into its performance. For instance, think about your own social media strategy:


  • Do you know what type of content is receiving the most engagement? 
  • How frequently do you post? 
  • Which days of the week or times get the most engagements? 


With so many things to keep up with, it’s no surprise that many agents and brokerages feel overwhelmed with creating and executing a comprehensive social media strategy. That’s where SOCi comes in! 


SOCi as the Social Media Catalyst in Real Estate


SOCi takes social local, helping agents sell more homes faster! Our recent data found that localized social content performs 71X better than content not considered local. This makes sense, especially for those in the real estate industry. 


For instance, if an agent is posting general content about how they can help you sell your house or posting a happy seller who just sold their house for the asking price, which do you think would perform better? 


So how exactly does SOCi take social local? SOCi provides a suite of tools, including Genius Social, an AI-layer that automates content creation and simplifies engagement across all major social media platforms. 


Genius Social’s AI-driven capabilities ensure personalized, brand-aligned communication with the audience while offering valuable insights through in-depth analytics. 


A circular infographic highlighting how a brand's voice can be amplified through local search and social platforms



Consolidating content creation into a single interface allows for the easy management of an omnichannel presence. Features like hyper-local content calendars and AI-optimized workflows can improve the outcome of your efforts while saving agents time and effort. 


And it doesn’t stop there! If your brokerage wants to strengthen other areas of its agents’ online presence, SOCi has you covered. For instance, SOCi optimizes real estate marketing by integrating with platforms like MoxiWorks for streamlined listing promotions, demonstrating the significant role of AI in enhancing online engagement. 


Leveraging Social Media for Real Estate Success


The pivot towards a digital-centric real estate market is undeniable. Platforms like SOCi, specifically Genius Social, are pivotal for agents and brokerages to harness the power of social media effectively. 


Real estate professionals can establish a compelling online presence that appeals to today’s digital consumers by making it the heart of marketing strategies. 


The industry’s future hinges on innovating and adapting to this digital landscape, with the right tools and strategies ensuring success.


Integrating solutions like SOCi simplifies the digital transition and empowers real estate agents to lead in customer engagement and ultimately improve ROI in this new era.


Request a demo today to learn if SOCi is the right fit for your real estate brokerage! 




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