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90% of surveyed consumers have used social media in some way to communicate with a brand.


Ninety. Nine-Zero. Out of 100. It’s no exaggeration to say that customers now expect service via social media. And franchises in today’s modern social media landscape need to understand how to effectively connect with their target consumers, especially across 100s and potentially 1000s of profiles all over the globe. But how? How do busy franchisors and franchisees authentically connect with audiences expecting customer service, especially at the local level?

It’s certainly no easy task, but luckily, there’s a resource now for just this purpose.

DID YOU KNOW: When it comes to online reviews and social media posts, customers are 50% more likely to share a bad experience than a good one. This means emphasis must be placed on a cohesive and well-rounded social media and reputation management strategy; one that spearheads how many franchises need to start doing business in 2018.

The One-To-Many or Network Effect


Social media has created, what we call, the Network Effect. Essentially, social media has become an even more powerful platform where customers can share their opinions, have them validated by friends and family, reshared, sparking new conversations, until, essentially, everything, everyone, and every conversation is connected.

In our most recent eBook, Using Social Media to Manage the Reputation of Your Franchise Locations, our social media franchise experts outline the steps to social success for multi-location businesses, and how they can effectively manage their reputation across 100s and 1000s of social media profiles and pages. As you begin to further understand how to manage your online reputation, you’ll start to notice patterns in customer behavior and find that a bad review handled correctly can be just as meaningful to your business as a good review.

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Today’s customers are looking for a great experience overall and your social strategy can be a key player in turning bad or even neutral brand experiences into great, memorable ones.

Start developing a smart social media system that works for your franchise locations and download Using Social Media to Manage the Reputation of Your Franchise Locations today!

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