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SOCi Expands Reputation Reporting Functionalities for Multi-Location Marketers


In the world of multi-location marketing, a solid online reputation is essential. The data speaks for itself. For instance, 82 percent of consumers read online reviews. Similarly, more than half of consumers have admitted to passing up a business due to their local ratings and reviews. Reputation management is more critical than ever before, which is why SOCi is excited to announce our expanded reputation reporting capabilities. 


What is Reputation Reporting, and Why Is It Important? 


In short, reputation reporting is a tool that will allow your multi-location business to track its online reputation and gain insight into what customers are saying about your business through ratings and reviews. While SOCi provided some insight into your business’s reputation in the past, our new offerings will allow you to compare reputation data to previous periods of time. For instance, many companies want to track growth month over month regarding your reputation metrics. Our expanded capabilities will provide your business with the opportunity to do so. 


Similarly, your multi-location business can select two different time periods that don’t have to be the same length of time to compare the two. For example, if your multi-location business wants to compare reputation metrics from January 2021 with January 2022, you will now have the ability to do that. These expanded offerings will allow your multi-location business to understand your online reputation better, giving you a leg up on the competition. 


Features of SOCi’s Expanded Reputation Reporting 


If you’re not already convinced of the importance of reputation reporting, let’s dive into some of the added features of SOCi’s new offering. 


With SOCi’s reputation reporting, multi-location marketers gain insights that:

  • Increase performance: Identify and benchmark review trends, understand negative or positive performance changes and optimize for the best review management strategies. 
  • Empower customer care: Improve service level agreements across local teams with reports that provide insights on average response time, response rate, and total unresponded reviews.
  • Save time: No more manual reporting. Instantly send automated, emailed reports detailing your review management performance to anyone in your organization. 


While this tool can help your multi-location business track its online reputation across locations, how can you ensure your reputation management efforts are up to par? Data from our 2022 Localized Marketing Benchmark Report can help. This report analyzes leaders in localized marketing and looks at how they perform in various localized search and social efforts. Download the full report to gain insight into what is standard regarding review response rates, average star ratings, and response time. 



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Get Started Improving Your Business’s Online Reputation 


Whether your multi-location business already has an excellent online reputation, or you’re just getting started, there’s always room for improvement. With SOCi’s improved reputation reporting, your multi-location business will receive automated, easy-to-use reports that empower your local marketers to monitor trends, make data-driven decisions from current and past performance, and optimize reputation management strategies. 


It’s time to take your reputation management efforts to the next level and have your business stand out from the competition, and SOCi is here to help! Request a demo today for more information on our expanded reputation reporting services and other localized marketing offerings!



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