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SOCi Spring ’23 Release Notes



Punchh Partnership

SOCi’s integration with Punchh, the leader in innovative digital marketing products for physical retailers across the restaurant, convenience store, and grocery verticals, provides mutual SOCi and Punchh customers with one solution to manage their localized listings and review management strategies.


SOCi’s Punchh partnership allows users to:

  • Automatically sync SOCi location data to the Punchh platform and keep business information up-to-date.
  • Gain visibility into Punchh reviews and ratings data that is pulled into the SOCi platform.



Customizable Report Tables*

Choose which metrics are displayed in the report tables and show the metrics that matter most to your business, reducing clutter and enhancing clarity. 

  • Search, select, and reorder the metrics you want to highlight 
  • Share reports externally with only the selected metrics shown.
  • Set default metrics seen in tables for all users


*Available for all Reporting Suite report tables. Only available for product dashboard tables in Social, SmartBot, Listening, and Listings products.



Reputation Reporting Enhancements*

SOCi’s Reporting Suite now provides users enhanced insights into review data the two reputation performance reports:

  • Filter reports by individual networks and specific review sentiments 
  • View tables at a more granular level with the addition of network insights


*Only available for Reputation Performance Report and Review Management Report



Benchmarking Enhancements*

The newest benchmarking enhancements make it easier to compare and analyze data:

  • Choose which dates you’d like to benchmark with the new calendar view, saving you time when pulling reputation performance reports.
  • Compare performance in real-time and across other points in time – now available to download in Excel format. 

*Only available for Reputation Performance Report and Review Management Report



Daily Email Schedule Enhancement*

You can now schedule reports in SOCi’s Reporting Suite to be sent daily, ensuring you receive timely updates on crucial metrics and reducing the time between reports.

*Available for all reports in the Reporting Suite





Social Compliance

By enhancing corporate oversight, we ensure on-brand content that deeply connects with local audiences. Our automated keyword policies identify and address potential issues efficiently, streamlining operations and reducing risks. We equip local agents with tailored content, facilitating genuine interactions with their specific audiences. Moreover, all social media activities are securely archived in a centralized location, guaranteeing protection for both business and agents.





Review Rules

Reviews customers can configure rules, an automated system to identify and prioritize important reviews based on criteria such as ratings, network source, and keywords. This functionality ensures that essential feedback is promptly brought to the attention of the relevant team members, reducing the chance of overlooking critical input and expediting the review response process.



Review: Direct Mention

SOCi Review users can now enhance their internal collaboration while handling reviews by @ mentioning other users on reviews that require attention from specific users. This update eliminates the challenges of isolated workflows, fostering improved productivity and visibility. As a result, users will be better equipped to respond effectively to customer reviews and ensure a more seamless and efficient review management process within their organization.



Rating-Based Email Notifications

This update to our Review notifications allows users to receive email notifications based on star ratings for new reviews and sentiment for response approvals. This level of customization ensures that relevant individuals receive timely alerts that match their specific responsibilities, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of review management by delivering the right information to the right recipients at the right moment.



New Review Inbox Filters

We’ve added additional review filtering options within our Reviews Inbox, enabling users to search for reviews based on specific text criteria and identify updated reviews. This feature enhances productivity by swiftly pinpointing the exact reviews users are seeking, saving time and simplifying the review management process.





Google Owner Q&A

Publish and manage your own Google Q&As across the account, group, and location level. Proactively publish your most important FAQs on your Google Profile to garner trust and ensure accurate information about your businesses is communicated.


Start publishing your own Google Q&As by going to Listings > Google Q&A and selecting ‘Add Q&A’.


Want to learn how you to build a Google Q&A strategy for multi-location businesses? Click here.



Google Owner Q&A Digest

Stay on top of each Google Owner Q&A created with email notifications to:

  • Stay informed when Local Managers create new Google Owner Q&As 
  • Ensure new Q&As are accurate and on brand.
  • Local users can also stay informed when Corporate creates new Google Owner Q&As for their location(s).

To enable this, users can access their Account Settings, click on the Notifications tab, and check the Google Q&A checkbox under Listings.



Expanded Bulk Edits

SOCi’s newly improved Bulk Edits feature eliminates any trade-off between saving time and ensuring accuracy in SOCi Listings with a seamless solution to update critical business information across all locations with just a few clicks — adding simplicity, speed, and accuracy to how users update their multi-location business data.


The expanded Bulk Edits enhancement offers several benefits:

  • Easily add, update, or remove critical business information across 100s and 1000s of locations at one time.
  • Quickly view fields with matching values across selected locations.
  • Reduce the likelihood of any accidental updates by reviewing and confirming all updates in the Summary Page before they are applied across the selected locations. 
  • Restrict access to who and what users can bulk edit via permissioning.




SOCi is proud to introduce GeoRank, the only map view of Google search rankings at the corporate, regional, and local level. 


GeoRank helps ensure a successful SEO strategy by monitoring and tracking how their business locations rank for local searches across a given geographical area, giving a more complete picture of search performance.


In addition, GeoRank, combined with SOCi Listings and the SOCi platform, will allow users to see how changes to their local business listings, reviews, social content, and engagements impact search rankings all in one central place – helping to increase digital brand visibility while driving increased local traffic and sales.


GeoRank’s easily consumable visual map helps users to:

  • Uncover blind spots in SEO strategy by monitoring local keyword search performance and how competitors rank against each location. 
  • Make better informed local SEO decisions with reporting and analytics.

Visit our Listings product page or schedule a demo to learn more about GeoRank in SOCi Listings.



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