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Getting Customers To Find You

How well does your community know about your business? Are you promoting your business properly on social media? If not, you might want to try Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads. These ads are easy to create, produce a high reach to your page, and let people surrounding your business know who and where you are.

This quick read will provide you with everything you need to know about Local Awareness Ads.  We know you’ll be getting the buzz you hope for around your own business after using these helpful pointers.

What are Local Awareness Ads?

These type of ads allow hyper-local targeting of potential customers that live near or have recently visited the area surrounding your business location. Local Awareness Ads make “advertising for local businesses easier and more effective”, because businesses can find their customers by feeding them ads when they are nearby.

How To Set Up Local Awareness Ads

Benefits of Local Awareness Ads

Local Awareness ads are the perfect solution for small businesses to affordably generate awareness. Facebook understands the importance of advertising for all sized companies and has made it easy (and inexpensive) for even small businesses to get their name out there.
Cost Effective

  • Local Awareness ads provide precise targeting and high reach in an affordable way.

Audience Targeting

  • It’s important that the money you spend on advertising your company is being utilized correctly & not being wasted. Local Awareness Ads allow you to decide how close/far from your business you want to reach customers. This way, you’re getting the most for every dollar spent!

Easy To Use

  • These ads were designed to be created so easily, that anyone can use them. See the steps below that explain how to set up your local ad and start creating more awareness for your business in just 10 minutes or less.

Setting Up Local Awareness Ads: 4 Easy Steps

Some business owners get scared when it comes to promoting their company on Facebook for the common (and false) worry that it is hard to navigate.


Fear not, Facebook Local Awareness Ads can be set up with these 4 easy steps:

  1. Select “Create ads” in the Facebook ad manager then select the “Reach people near your business” option. Paste the URL of your Facebook page (or the page you are wanting to promote).
  2. Next, the location address should automatically populate. Otherwise, enter it manually and choose the radius, age, and gender of your target demographic.
    • Is your business not located in a big city? No worries! Facebook Local Awareness Ads allow you to reach people 1-50+ mile radius to ensure you are spreading the word to everyone!
  3. Enter the lifetime budget and select the date range in which the ads will run. Facebook will then display the estimated daily reach. (Feel free to play around with different age ranges and interests to see the max reach you can achieve).
  4. Select the image you’d like to use and create short & specific copy. Next, simple select from one of the four call to action choices and place your order.

As you can tell, utilizing Local Awareness Ads are not only easy to set up and use, but are also a great way to create buzz around your business. Do you have any advice through the success of using Local Awareness Ads? We would love to hear your helpful tips in the comments below!

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