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It’s no secret that Facebook users are increasingly using mobile devices to access the popular social media platform. A whopping 823 million daily users only check Facebook on their smartphones or tablets, and the average American spends 14 hours every month on the mobile Facebook application (app).

What does this mean for your social media efforts? It means that you need to start optimizing your page, your content and your ad budget for mobile users.

Start by creating an intriguing page.

Your page’s first impression can mean gaining a customer or losing credibility. Having a poor-quality profile with lackluster cover images, or lacking those images altogether, could drive a customer away before they even know what your business is about.

Make sure your cover image and profile image are eye catching and offer a good representation of your brand. Images are what your audience will see first, so make them clear, colorful and the correct size.

Mobile screenshot of SOCi facebook page

The second thing a user is going to see when visiting your page is your company name and category. Update the category of your business page to best reflect your services, so a mobile user can quickly identify what your page is about. If a user can’t find what your business does within a few seconds, they will most likely move on with their search — to another business’ profile page.

Make it easy for your fans to find you.

More than 1.5 billion searches are performed on Facebook every day. That means that people are searching for your business on Facebook, so don’t make them work too hard to find it. How can you make it easier for users to find your Facebook business page? Simply, always ensure that your page details are up to date.


If you change your phone number or address, immediately update that detail on your Facebook page. The more information you have filled out on your page, the better. Be sure to fill in your hours — even if you are an online business — to let your customers know that you are available 24/7.

If you want to make it even easier for your current and future customers to reach you, add a call-to-action button. These buttons appear smaller on a desktop device, but are front and center on a mobile Facebook page. You can choose whether you want to send your visitors to your website or encourage them to pick up the phone and call your business for more information.

Target mobile users in your ads.

When running an ad with the goal of capturing page likes or boosting a post for engagement (i.e., likes, shares and comments), remember that more than 50 percent of your audience only uses Facebook on their mobile devices. This might mean running an ad that only targets mobile users or making sure that you include the mobile-targeting option when setting up your Facebook ad.

To put all of your budget towards mobile users, simply uncheck the desktop and right-column options and leave the mobile option selected.


As the use of mobile devices continues to increase, it’s important that you ramp up your mobile social media strategy. Luckily, this doesn’t involve completely changing your strategy, but simply making a few key adjustments. Having an eye-catching profile, providing all the information a potential customer might need and being smart with your ad dollars will put you on the right path to success.

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