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How Leading Property Management Companies Leverage Social to Win More Leases


As a multifamily leader, staying on top of the latest trends and finding ways to stand out from the competition can be challenging. Social media is no different. Wouldn’t it be helpful to see what the leaders in your industry are doing to crush their social efforts? If you’re in the property management industry, this blog can help! We’ll break down the top social tactics leading property management companies (PMCs) use to win more sales. To help us find the top PMCs leading local social, we used data from our Top Property Management Companies in Localized Marketing report can help. 





Top Property Management Companies in Local Social 


Data from the report revealed that the PMCs that scored highest in local social included:

  • Equity Residential 
  • Morgan Properties 
  • Edward Rose Building Enterprise 
  • Monarch Investment Group
  • Lincoln Property Company 


These PMCs have put time and effort into their social strategy, and their hard work has paid off. When ranking the PMCs, our report looked at the following:

  • Percentage of locations posting
  • Post frequency per month
  • New reviews per month 
  • Locations responding to reviews
  • Review response time
  • Engagement per post 
  • High-value post engagement 
  • Q&A answer rate 

As a multifamily marketer, how would your PMC rank? While a high percentage of local properties posting on social media and a strong post frequency per month can help boost your local social efforts, the leaders in local social focused on additional tactics that helped differentiate their efforts from the pack.


Create New and Engaging Content 


Leading PMCs understand the importance of fresh local social content. Data from the report found that on Facebook, 62 percent of the properties examined were actively creating new social content regularly. Does your PMC fall into this category? Many local property managers also get stuck on what type of content to post when it comes to social content. It’s important to note that localized content performs 12x better than content that is not considered localized, so the key here is to speak to your local audiences! If your local property managers are having a hard time brainstorming what type of content to post, our Localized Social Content Guide can help.





While new and engaging content is critical, it’s also essential to consider the frequency that your local properties should post. Again, data from the report guides us. On average, properties studied in the report post seven times per month on Facebook, equating to one or two posts per week. While more posts would be ideal, your PMC should meet this average. 


Don’t Forget About Google


Another significant area of opportunity for PMCs and their local social efforts is Google. The top PMCs mentioned in this blog are taking the opportunity to use Google as a social channel. Currently, 23 percent of properties create new post content on Google regularly. If your property management company isn’t already familiar with Google Posts and their importance, our blog on the topic can help. When diving deeper into Google, the report found that an impressive 80 percent of properties respond to their Google reviews, and 26 percent respond to their Google Q&A. 


The lines between search and social have become blurred. Channels that multifamily marketers previously considered strictly search or social, now serve both purposes. On Google, there are various ways for your PMC to interact with your target audience, whether it’s through review responses, Google Posts, or Google Q&A. If your PMC isn’t already leveraging Google to its fullest potential, that’s a large area of opportunity. For more insight on what it takes to create a standout localized marketing strategy that crushes both search and social efforts, download our Your Prescription to Winning Multifamily Marketing guide. 





Dominate Your Local Social Efforts Today


Now that you understand what leading PMCs are doing to beat the competition, it’s time for your local properties to do the same. Re-evaluate your current local social efforts and determine where there is room for improvement. Whether you need to level up your local social content strategy or improve your review response efforts, SOCi is here to help. SOCi’s social media management solution enables multifamily marketers to manage and deploy localized content at scale while maintaining brand consistency at both the corporate and local levels. The tool also allows companies to discover, share, and create meaningful content, driving the high-value engagement that will differentiate your PMC.



When it comes to reputation management, SOCi’s next-level review solution is here to provide support as well. This streamlined reputation management tool allows PMCs to view every action taken on reviews and monitor every activity on social media. Now, your local, regional, and corporate teams will always know which reviews and social engagements are addressed and which ones still require attention to ensure the prompt responses consumers expect. As we head into 2022, it’s time for your PMC to re-create a winning local social strategy, and SOCi can help. Request a demo today for more information on how SOCi can support your restaurant brand with local social and other aspects of your localized marketing strategy!


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