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Facebook Live Video streaming is the leading 2017 social media trend. Why? Unscripted and in-the-moment footage has an appeal that meticulously planned and edited videos do not. If you’re thinking about raising awareness for your business, Facebook Live Video is the way to go.

What Is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live Video is a built-in feature that allows users to broadcast real-time footage on their Pages. Videos are featured on your followers’ news feeds, but can also be streamed in Facebook groups and events.

Broadcast live from Facebook by doing the following:

  1. Tap on “Update Status.”
  2. Select the “Live Video” icon.
  3. Write a description.
  4. Select your audience.
  5. Go live!

Why Use Facebook Live Videos for Your Business?

Statistics show that 1.18 billion people use Facebook every day, and those users “comment more than 10 times on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.” Facebook Live offers more benefits than any current live streaming platform—it gives you the ability to maximize your video for re-engagement. Because it is built into Facebook, it notifies and auto-plays the broadcast to your audience when you begin a live stream. You’re able to see who’s tuning in and their comments, giving you the opportunity to engage with viewers in real time. The video is uploaded to your timeline after your broadcast is over. From there, you (and other users) can share or tweet the videos or embed them in blogs.

Any business, regardless of its size or industry, can benefit from the use of Facebook Live Videos. It is an opportunity to instantly create an experience, connect with users and interact with them in real time. Live broadcasting not only allows your audience to engage in a larger conversation, but it also provides a more intimate brand experience.

Facebook Live in City

Using Facebook Live to Increase Brand Awareness

Behind the scenes

Provide your audience with an exclusive view of your business. This can be as simple as providing a tour of your company or disclosing a new product launch.

Teach your viewers something new

You can stream ideas to help improve the lives of your audience, whether you share an insider strategy or tips about how to have a successful day.

Broadcast live events

Bring trade shows and events to your audience members who couldn’t attend the event in person.

Host interviews

Users love when they get to meet the people behind the brand. Holding live chat sessions or monthly Q&As helps create and strengthen business relationships, because you’re engaging with your audience on a more personal level.

Tips for Using Facebook Live

  1. Make sure to have a strong cell or wifi connection when live streaming. Live streaming is unscripted, which means things can go wrong. Check your cell or wifi connection prior to going live to ensure a clear stream for viewers.
  2. Promote your broadcast before and after your Facebook Live stream. Let your audience know when you will be streaming, so they can tune in. Afterward, have a plan so that your video reaches a wider audience.
  3. Create an alluring description, to encourage viewers to watch and subscribe. With Facebook Live Videos, you can edit the description and category after you’ve finished broadcasting. You can expand your reach by including social keywords into your description.
  4. Tag your location so that your stream can be included on the Facebook Live Map and, thus, reach new viewers.
  5. Engage! The point of live streaming is to connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Thanks to the use of Facebook Live Videos, the possibilities for increasing brand awareness are endless. So grab your smart phone video recorder and go live!

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