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Implementing Influencer Marketing Into Your Strategy

Today, consumers no longer look to billboards on the road or television commercials for purchase recommendations. I mean, they still look at them, but the effectiveness of being beaten over the head with “BUY THIS RIGHT NOW” messaging has lost its luster. Now, instead of billboards, consumers are looking to people that they identify with and trust: They’re looking at the social influencer. Enter, Influencer Marketing

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Who are social influencers?

You’ve seen social influencers peppered across your social channels:

  • They have thousands and thousands of followers.
  • Their pictures are (usually) flawless.
  • Their last name is Kardashian. (Kidding, but not in some cases.)
  • Every photo gets a thousand likes at least….
  • They are literally tiny empires that can make and break businesses.

It’s like Jay-Z said: “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.”

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In our latest webinar, we partnered with Buzzstream to discuss not only the crucial elements of how to work with influencers but also how working with them can increase your bottom line.

Enjoy the recording below!

What we went over:

  • How to identify the correct influencers to collaborate with in your vertical
  • Different ways to work with influencers to increase local brand awareness and on-page social engagement
  • How to communicate with and compensate influencers


If you’re ready to implement a healthy dose of influencer marketing into your strategy, especially with 2018 basically already here, check out the webinar recap.

As always, feel free to send us a note if you have any questions about your social media strategy and working with influencers.


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