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Genius Social, Bringing AI Automation To Your Local Social Strategy


Transforming Local Marketing with AI-Driven Automation


Multi-location businesses face encounter specific marketing challenges, such as maintaining a consistent brand image across all locations, managing localized content to engage different regional audiences, and efficiently monitoring and responding to customer feedback and online reviews across various platforms.


SOCi addresses these issues by offering an award-winning platform designed specifically for multi-location enterprises, streamlining the management of their search, social media, and online reputation at scale.


But having the right tools alone isn’t enough. They must be effectively utilized—a task local managers often lack the time to undertake.


That’s why SOCi developed Genius, an AI automation layer that integrates with SOCi’s core product. With Genius, multi-location businesses can automate their workload, allowing them to concentrate more on running their operations.


SOCi’s recent integration of Genius within the core Social product transforms how multi-location marketers create localized content and interact with consumers, enhancing engagement and efficiency.


The High Cost of Low Visibility 


A significant issue retailers are running into is that they are “ghosting” more than half of all customers online when they give feedback, ask questions, or leave reviews. This striking finding results in a $2.4 billion annual loss for the U.S. retail industry.


Constrained by time and resources, local businesses find it challenging to develop an all-encompassing marketing strategy that meets their audience at every touchpoint throughout the buying cycle.


This is especially evident with local businesses finding it challenging to develop compelling social media strategies that effectively engage consumers. This is where Genius Social steps in as a game-changer.



Harnessing the Power of SOCi’s CoMarketing Cloud


At the core of SOCi’s solutions is the CoMarketing Cloud. Our innovative AI technology consolidates and interprets data from various sources, offering an in-depth perspective on local customer preferences. This intelligence shapes Genius Social’s content approach, with AI acting as a data analyst and trained marketer at every location, delivering unparalleled efficiency, local relevance, and consistent branding to your social media content and engagement replies


Introducing Genius Social: The Forefront of AI-Driven Marketing


Genius Social, an added layer to SOCi Social, automates local content creation and engagement responses at every location. We are equipping your teams with better, streamlined workflows to drastically reduce the hours needed to manage social media by automating content and engagement management with AI.



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Key Features Include:

  • Streamline Workflows: Reduce manual content and engagement management significantly, automatically leveraging AI for enhanced efficiency and time savings.
  • Hyper-local Monthly Calendar: Tailored content calendars designed by AI for each location, ensuring local relevance every month.
  • AI-Powered Engagement Responses: Generates on-brand, personalized responses automatically, enhancing engagement with better content.
  • Unified Brand Voice Across All Locations: Consistently maintain a coherent brand identity across every location for a uniform brand experience.
  • Adaptive Local Content: Dynamically adapts content strategies based on local audience preferences, corporate and location-specific approvals, and post performance.
  • SOCi Data- Enhanced AI: Our AI combines best practices and social data, enriched with SOCi’s Listings, Reviews, and more. 


Elevating Efficiency And Cutting Response Time


“Genius has been a game-changer, allowing us to exceed industry standards by cutting down response times to under a day and significantly increasing resolve rates to 95%. What once took all day to respond to engagements now takes me just 5 minutes.”  – Kumon


    AI-Automation Everywhere


    SOCi’s Genius suite, including Genius Reviews and the upcoming Genius Listings, represents a holistic approach to AI-powered local marketing solutions. Genius Reviews has already improved response rates and speed, while Genius Listings will automate local SEO and data analysis, further enhancing efficiency.


    Genius Social: Now Available to Transform Your Local Marketing


    Discover how SOCi’s Genius Social leverages AI to revolutionize efficiency, automate workflows, and maximize ROI. Ready to join the forefront of this autonomous marketing revolution? Request a demo today!



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