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There is no arguing that social media is a huge avenue full of opportunities for enterprise marketers today. I mean, Facebook alone has 2 billion monthly active users. 2 billion. That’s an immense audience you should be talking to.

But in order to attract the attention of all those people, you need a strong foundation and an even stronger social strategy.

Recently, Bridgeline Digital’s VP of Business Development, Craig Crawford, and SOCi’s VP of Sales, Jacob Chappell, co-hosted a webinar discussing the most important strategies for enterprise marketers today. We covered:

  • Building social media strategy goals
  • Why being on all platforms might not be the best idea
  • How to attract and engage today’s larger audience
  • Why reputation management and garnering reviews are more essential than ever

Did you miss the webinar? Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with a video from the presentation. Listen in to learn the 5 key social media strategies for enterprise marketers. Find out why each of these pieces makes for a strong and effective social media marketing campaign by tuning in below.


Q&A from the Webinar

1. In Dubai, brands feel social media is used to just post and build fans off that. On the basic level, what’s the best way to drive the deeper potential social media has?
While posting and sharing content on social media is a valuable and important method of increasing a brand’s fanbase, it is only the tip of the iceberg. Social media can be used in more insightful ways to raise brand awareness, engage with fans, and even drive sales. Try these tips:

Promote your social posts. Organic reach of a brand’s content has decreased significantly over the course of the past few years (on Facebook, roughly 50% in 2016 alone). Try promoting your posts with a small spend to monitor performance. When you see them reaching a larger audience per post with increased engagement, test putting more spend behind them.

Each social media campaign has a different goal attached to it. Whether you’re looking to grow your fanbase or drive more traffic to your site, there is a social media ad that could be run to help. Leverage different ad types to accomplish a variety of goals.

Engage your audience, and let them know you hear them. Check notifications, reviews, comments, and any other communication between your brand and your fans. Social media is a two-way street, and these people are looking to speak to you on social, so don’t leave them hanging!

2. What are your thoughts on using stock photos for content? Thoughts on resharing content from other organizations? I’m with a nonprofit.
Stock photography is perfectly acceptable in a brand’s social media content strategy. However, when you can, try to use either custom photography or alter the stock imagery used to match your brand guidelines. This includes adding a custom filter to give it a similar look and feel and putting watermarks or logos wherever necessary.

Resharing content can be tricky. It’s important to take into consideration the following when doing this:

  • Be sure the content you are sharing is a from a credible source
  • Make sure the content being shared one that is backed by research and statistics.
  • Refrain from sharing content written by your competitors or companies that are linked to your competitors.

3. Where can you go and find the definition of “better” social media?
Social media is a constantly changing avenue of marketing. Stay on top of the latest updates and best practices by subscribing to blogs, downloading resources, and speaking to social media influencers and thought leaders.

There is no recipe for having the best social media strategy. Each one is different and needs to be revised and reformed with its audience and goal in mind. The key to having a strong strategy is to test. Test different copy lengths, different imagery, posting times, and more to find out what works the best for your audience and fanbase.

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