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In 5 short years, social media has transformed daily life. People now use emojis to accurately express how they feel, search on Facebook for new restaurants to try, and discuss dissatisfactory shopping experiences online.

We’re living in the age of social media.
Is your brand properly represented across all channels?

Clients are now looking to social media to communicate with their favorite brands more than ever. Did you know that 48% of customers report that they want to purchase from businesses that are responsive on social media? It’s true.

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However, having one corporate page is no longer enough for clients. Whether you are a major brand or one that is just starting out–fans want to speak directly with local establishments. Social media users crave personalized experiences and the best way to provide that is with local business pages.

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In our latest webinar, we partnered with the Local Search Association to offer brands and businesses 5 tactics to optimize their local-social profiles. We covered:

  • How to craft and curate content for each of your local pages
  • Why having localized analytics is crucial for sharpen your social strategy
  • The 3 important factors of a reputation management strategy and how to collect more reviews

Did you miss out on our webinar? No worries, we recorded it just for you! Join us to learn the importance of local-social media and how to hone its power for your brand today. Download the webinar now.


Q&A and Takeaways

1.I work at a small business in the home-service industry with 12 locations. What advice do you have for our social profiles? We currently only have 1 Facebook business page as opposed to 12.

There are different ways to approach that. There are some businesses that feel that they just need one national presence and that will cover all their stores. However, you should look toward technology that can help facilitate a very easy way to syndicate content to multiple pages will offer you that more localized social strategy. Creating local pages would create a lot of value to build out that presence.

2.With small businesses that may be under 5-10 employees, what do you recommend for best practices for leveraging social media given how time intensive it can be?

Start with a goal and understand that you do not need to be on every single social media channel. Start at the important ones. Where are you having your conversations? What’s important to your brand? Take that opportunity to sit down and look at your target audience. Find out what channels they are the most active on and start from there. Take a step back to figure out where you need to be.

3.In your opinion, what is one of the top pain points that’s ailing social media managers today?

Social media managers have a handful of daunting tasks. It may be that they have too many clients or maybe they are not using the right technology. If they need to log into multiple networks it slows down their workflow. For instance, social media managers will need to go into each channel to pull reports. It is very likely that by the time they finish pulling all these numbers that the metrics will already be stale.

Utilizing technology will also help managers find the right content to post on their channels. On the SOCi platform we built our own proprietary content discovery tool. It helps highlight how well a piece of content is doing across the social web.

Lastly, social media managers today struggling to communicate at the local level. They may struggle with sending out the same post to different locations due to time differences. If you have a location in New York and another in California, you won’t be able to send that content out at the same time due to time. Mitigate this problem by leveraging technology and scheduling out when the posts should go out.

4. Specifically to the SOCi platform, who are your clients?
We primarily focus in 3 verticals–real estate/property management, digital agencies, and franchises.

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