Mediagistic Uses SOCi Business Intelligence to Efficiently Scale Localized Marketing And Increase Profitability For Agency

The Challenge

Mediagistic is one of the nation’s leading marketing agencies in the home services industry. Their clients include large franchise and distributor names in heating and air conditioning, home services such as HVAC and plumbing, outdoor power equipment, and even companies in the family fun and entertainment center space. These businesses hire Mediagistic to solve their marketing problems and increase revenue.


This can prove challenging given some operate with centralized franchise models, and others use a decentralized brand distributorship model with individual businesses rolled up underneath. Both models present digital and localized marketing problems in handling reputation, social media, and business information because of the many layers. The brands Mediagistic works with have a difficult time scaling their social media presence, reputation management efforts, and business information management practices across multiple channels.

“We’ve been working with SOCi for over five years now, and we’ve found it’s an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to solving our clients’ problems with online reputation management, social media, and local business information management.” – Eddie Childs, Director of Corporate Marketing

The Solution

Partnering with SOCi empowers Mediagistic to act on behalf of its brands to put social media, online reputation management, and important local business information into one dashboard and interface to provide a combined understanding of efforts across all marketing channels using SOCi Reviews, Listings, Social, and Boost Plus


“We always tell our clients that SOCi provides the single pane of glass for their brand. SOCi allows key stakeholders at multiple levels of the organization, visibility to see and understand their marketing metrics and reputation management efforts. We especially like the library of standardized review responses. At first, we were surprised at how easy it is to help clients manage their online reputations in a turnkey way, and throughout the years using SOCi this feature has made us the happiest,” said Eddie Childs, Director of Corporate Marketing.  


Mediagistic uses SOCi to help clients scale social media by grouping locations together to schedule and publish content. Grouping saves agency time, improves the content plans created around them, and is especially helpful for businesses with different product offerings or offerings that differ slightly from location to location.

SOCi Results

Mediagistic’s goals with SOCi are to champion their clients to produce real results that translate into revenue and empower them with increased access to their business management information, online reputations, and social media efforts. SOCi provides easy access to powerful business intel and presents the platform agencies need to enable themselves and their clients to continue to efficiently scale localized marketing and increase profitability. 


The brands Mediagistic works with have produced millions of organic social media impressions and seen a significant improvement in engagement sentiment. The outcomes for one of Mediagistic’s accounts, Altitude Trampoline Park, speak for themselves. The park is averaging the following social media results per month using SOCi:



Impressions per month



Engagements per month



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