SOCi Enhances Platform with New Survey Solution to Fuel Real-Time, Multi-Channel Customer Insights


With SOCi Surveys, multi-location enterprises gain access to first-party data, enabling businesses to measure customer sentiment and improve retention


Originally posted on PR Newswire on July 12, 2023 


SAN DIEGOJuly 12, 2023 — SOCi Inc., the leading comarketing cloud for multi-location enterprises, has launched SOCi Surveys to empower businesses to proactively collect continuous first-party feedback from customers to create more personalized experiences. With real-time customer insights, SOCi Surveys will help businesses measure customer sentiment to understand their satisfaction and preferences.


Understanding customers is paramount to retaining and growing a customer base, and SOCi Surveys empowers multi-location enterprises to stay one step ahead. By harnessing the power of first-party data, which a brands’ competitors do not have access to, SOCi Surveys transforms feedback into valuable insights that inform and improve business operations, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and retention.


“SOCi Surveys unlocks a world where multi-location businesses can understand their customers on a deeper, local level and make data-driven decisions to improve operations where it matters most – inside the stores,” said Cynthia Castro, VP of Product, SOCi. “No brand will ever be closer to their consumer than its local stores. Adding this reality to the fact that consumer behavior patterns are volatile, the need and struggle to capture location-based customer insights becomes clear – especially at a time when brand visibility is more critical than ever.”


The integration of first-party data collection with SOCi Surveys is not only a boon for personalized customer experiences but also plays a critical role in enabling marketers to leverage advanced AI technologies. A rich and robust repository of first-party data better supports AI models and tools, translating into more accurate customer segmentation, sharper targeting strategies, and more effective personalization. By boosting first-party data collection, SOCi Surveys helps marketers unlock the true potential of AI.


Key features and benefits of SOCi Surveys include:


  • Effortless Survey Creation: SOCi Surveys offers out-of-the-box templates and the ability to build fully custom surveys, empowering marketers to engage with customers in new and impactful ways.
  • Multichannel Deployment: Marketers can reach customers wherever they are by deploying surveys on preferred customer channels, including email campaigns, SMS campaigns (coming soon), and online survey forms.
  • Real-time Interaction: By leveraging SOCi Surveys, marketers can interact with customers in real time, personalize experiences, and automatically react to survey responses with additional questions, delving deeper into the areas that matter most.
  • Actionable Insights: SOCi Surveys transforms customer feedback into valuable insights, helping enterprises identify critical satisfaction factors and uncover trends that improve business operations.
  • Own First-Party Data: Marketers can collect and own their first-party data, reducing reliance on external sources and gaining a competitive edge in the market.


With the addition of SOCi Surveys, used in tandem with SOCi Reviews, brands like Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken are able to improve communication with customers and increase brand awareness on both a corporate and operator level.


“SOCi Surveys and Reviews have been a game-changer for our company. We dabble in some local social media, but SOCi makes it easier for operators to respond to customers,” said Dan Sokolik, VP of marketing, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken. “Our Vice President of Operations has begun sending out daily examples of customer survey feedback from stores to the entire company. Since we’ve started doing that, we’ve seen more engagement, and franchisees get to hear more of the good, and the bad, from leadership. All of our multi-store operators are now using SOCi, which we see as a win.”


The launch of SOCi Surveys solidifies SOCi’s commitment to providing a cutting-edge CoMarketing Cloud solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by multi-location enterprises. By offering a comprehensive suite of tools, including SOCi Genius Reviews with more AI-powered Genius products on the way, SOCi continues to revolutionize the way enterprises approach digital marketing.


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