SOCi Named Hot Vendor for CoMarketing Clouds


SOCi Genius is spearheading the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the way marketing work gets done


SAN DIEGO — August 31, 2023 SOCi Inc., a leading CoMarketing Cloud for multi-location enterprises, has been named a Hot Vendor by Aragon Research in its latest report on CoMarketing Clouds (CMCs). SOCi was chosen based on its AI-powered marketing automation tools, namely SOCi Genius, which leverages advanced data science and generative AI to efficiently fuel smarter marketing campaigns and other key engagements online for multi-location enterprises.


“Being named a Hot Vendor for CMCs proves we have been steadfast in our mission to really change the relationship marketers have with software,” said Monica Ho, CMO at SOCi. “In today’s fast evolving marketplace, traditional marketing tools are falling short as they operate in isolation, limiting their intelligence and automation capabilities. Through SOCi’s integrated CoMarketing Cloud capabilities, we’re proud to provide enterprise marketers with true marketing assistance in the form of intelligent insights and recommendations across digital channels. This paired with the full automation capabilities allows teams to not only move faster but accomplish more with less while still driving industry leading results.”


SOCi’s inclusion as a Hot Vendor comes on the heels of the launch of SOCi Genius Reviews, Genius Social | Engagements, and SOCi Surveys, all of which illustrate the company’s commitment to providing a cutting-edge CoMarketing Cloud solution that fully integrates data across channels. The use of this data, on top of powerful workflow and automation capabilities, enables SOCi to address the unique challenges faced by marketers as they work to manage digital channels at scale across hundreds to sometimes thousands of individual locations.


The Hot Vendor report from Aragon Research states: “What makes SOCi hot are its AI-empowered marketing automation tools, which leverage machine learning to provide marketers with actionable insights that can drive growth and transform the way organizations get work done… Any multi-location enterprise that wants to rationalize or optimize its marketing strategy should consider SOCi for the tools it provides for organizations at scale.”


The report nods to the struggle multi-location enterprises face when it comes to reconciling their local data across locations. In order to optimize their use of AI, enterprises must have clean data consolidated in one place. A rich and robust repository of first-party data better supports AI models and tools, translating into more accurate customer segmentation, sharper targeting strategies, and more effective personalization. SOCi offers this through its CoMarketing Cloud which aggregates all brand data across digital channels and locations into a single platform.


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About SOCi
SOCi is the leading CoMarketing Cloud for multi-location enterprises. We empower businesses like Ace Hardware, Jersey Mike’s, Kumon, and Ford to automate and scale their marketing efforts across all locations and digital channels in a way that is brand directed, locally perfected, and data connected. Through the use of best-in-class generative AI and machine learning, the SOCi Genius platform provides multi-location enterprises actionable insights and recommendations while automating their most important workflows at scale. With SOCi, businesses can strengthen their digital presence across local search and social pages while protecting their online reputation, driving improved customer engagement and market leading results. To learn more about how SOCi can help fuel your localized marketing success, please visit us at or message us at