Finding a centralized platform that can help your brand manage limitless local search and social pages for your communities, create a localized content strategy, and monitor its online reputation at-scale is a necessity. As a part of this content series, SOCi sat down with some of our customers and asked about their strategic approach to different components of localized marketing (LM). Our hope is that other marketers can read through the answers and learn best practices from companies that are excelling in LM!

Vibra Healthcare truly understands the importance of having a proactive, localized marketing strategy for every one of their locations. Learn from Director of Social Media, Jason Glogau, on how Vibra Healthcare manages its ratings and reviews at the local level, and how they have had to shift their localized marketing strategy as a result of the digital-only world created by COVID-19.  Glogau also shares which local search or social platform Vibra Healthcare relies on most when it comes to localized marketing!

Q&A with Vibra Healthcare

Learn how you can bring your localized marketing plan to the next level with SOCi.

Learn how SOCi can help take your
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