Le Creuset Increases Sales and Informs Strategy Using Localized Marketing In Manufacturing-To-Store Model

The Challenge

Le Creuset has been manufacturing and distributing innovative premium cookware for home cooks and master chefs for almost a century. This rich history of craftsmanship is known worldwide, but consumer trends have changed since 1925. The current Le Creuset corporate team needed a better way to handle digital marketing and data for their retail locations and the experience of mobile-minded and near-me-minded customers. The team knew they needed expert help to handle the volume of stores and keep up with localized marketing for each location. They needed an easily accessible platform to manage all online listings, Google posts, and reviews, as their team could not promptly update listings and posts and respond to each review on their own.


Le Creuset also wanted a tool that could help its team better understand search trends for their market, i.e. who was searching for cookware stores and in what regions? They needed directional data on where searches were occurring for store locations, how people found local retail locations, and how often people took the final step of using map locations to get there.

“We look at SOCi more as a partner, not just a technology platform. The data SOCi provides is valuable, fresh, and current, which is invaluable to us. As a leader I want everyone to know we are grounded in facts, not just where I think we should be, and SOCi allows me to do that easily.” – Le Creuset Commercial Marketing Manager, Melissa Fuller

The Solution

Le Creuset partners with SOCi to manage Listings, Social, and Reviews to increase their unique products’ online presence. “Our definition of marketing success is one hundred percent in-store traffic. Our products are manufactured to be the best. Because of that, once a customer crosses the threshold of a store, we can trust our store teams to convert.” said Le Creuset Commercial Marketing Manager, Melissa Fuller. “Using SOCi to increase our search, keyword rankings, views, and directions to drive more people in-store was a significant achievement.”


Le Creuset uses the SOCi platform to see what consumers are most interested in and what they search for in different regions; this data informs their overall marketing strategy. Partnering with SOCi allows Le Creuset to empower district and retail managers by providing access to marketing data they can use to make changes that immediately impact their local sales. Being able to upload photos of local stores on Google Business Profiles to test what store and product layouts perform the best proves team members at every level can use localized digital marketing to impact Le Creuset sales.  


The company also showcases positive Google reviews they receive in localized marketing email campaigns to customers. “It’s like leaving a breadcrumb trail to the stores,” Melissa said. Le Creuset insists on being the best in class in how they respond to reviews, and SOCi provides the ability to efficiently prioritize responses to rectify low-star and negative reviews. 


The corporate team shares Google reviews company-wide, a practice that has now become part of company culture. SOCi made it possible for Le Creuset to make localized digital marketing easily digestible for field leadership to help them understand what they can do to make changes that increase their own sales.


“We have direct correlations between our increases in store traffic and the localized digital marketing efforts we have set up with SOCi. Company leadership and district and regional managers know that SOCi is rooted in data and that we share that data with them to stay connected,” said Melissa.

SOCi Results

Partnering with SOCi has led Le Creuset to see impressive results like appearing in 2.9 million Google Discovery searches in just one quarter – where a Le Creuset listing appeared when a category or product was searched. Since implementing the SOCi platform, Le Creuset has seen the following additional increases: 



Increase in direct searches quarter over quarter



Increase in direction requests quarter over quarter



of Le Creuset’s Google reviews are positive



Increase in organic traffic from social media

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