United Access Chooses SOCi To Drive Online Engagement

In a new partnership, United Access and SOCi are working together to drive United Access’s digital marketing forward. Established in 1997, United Access is the second largest provider of wheelchair-accessible vehicles, equipment, and products in the U.S. Part of the BraunAbility Arch Retail family of brands, United Access partners with leading manufacturers to offer the best and safest products, including new and used accessible wheelchair vans, trucks and SUVs, wheelchair lifts and scooter lifts, hand controls, scooters, power transfer seats and more. The Vice President of Marketing, Emily Sander, let us in on what the distributor brand is looking forward to accomplishing with SOCi. 


Thanks for answering some questions for us today, Emily! To start, how many locations does United Access have?

United Access is a premier mobility solutions provider with 50 locations across the United States. We provide a wide range of services, from wheelchair-accessible vans for sale or rent to adaptive driving aids to scooters and wheelchair lifts. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is dedicated to helping customers find the best product or service to meet their individual needs. United Access also offers a wide selection of vehicles tailored to individuals with disabilities, including full-size vans, minivans, and SUVs.


How would you describe your digital marketing strategy?

United Access has an effective digital marketing strategy that utilizes multiple online channels. We leverage a combination of paid search, organic search, social media, email, and display advertising to reach our target audience.


As a distributor brand, what are your digital and localized marketing goals and how do you define marketing success?

Our digital and localized marketing goals are to increase visibility and reach in the markets we serve. Our marketing success is defined by connecting potential customers with mobility solutions that improve their quality of life. 


What were you looking for when searching for a marketing platform solution?

We were searching for a marketing platform that allowed us to easily scale our social and local listing efforts across 50 stores, while also having the flexibility to manage our social pages and local listings at a local store level to drive local engagement and create awareness. 


Why did you choose SOCi over other platforms?

We selected SOCi over other platforms due to its comprehensive features and dedicated customer success support at an affordable price. We believe SOCi will allow us to move quicker and more effectively to drive online engagement.  


How are you using SOCi for marketing?

We use SOCi to improve responses and engagements on our listings and social media platforms. With the scheduling tool in SOCi, we can better plan and brand our social media posts. SOCi also includes a reporting tool to best track our data for our listings and social platforms.


What measurable benefits have you seen since implementing SOCi? 

The response rate for engagements has increased to 85 percent and continues to improve now that all engagements can be viewed and responded to in one place. This is improving our relationship with our audience online. 


What does the future have in store for United Access? 

The future for United Access involves changing and improving more lives by broadening our range of products and opening new locations to expand our reach and help more people. 


Thank you to Emily and the United Access team for their time and impactful partnership with SOCi. If you’re interested in how SOCi can help your brand increase its digital marketing impact, especially in the distributor/co-op industry, contact us today.

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