Go Local Interactive Agency Able to Efficiently and Rapidly Scale with SOCi

The Challenge

Go Local Interactive (Go Local) is a marketing agency specializing in helping multi-location brands, property management companies, and home services businesses “go local” with digital marketing. With over 100 clients managing over 3,000 business locations, the agency faced numerous challenges managing each digital platform and service manually, and pulling reports from each location was troublesome.


“In the past, all teams managed each platform manually, which took a lot of time. We had challenges with reporting. Pulling manual reports from each location without a rollup report, which clients requested, was a big issue. We had separate vendors for review management, social posts, data feeds, claiming listings, and more. With SOCi we were able to merge all services into one, significantly cut our costs, and make a larger margin on the products we are providing. Our return on investment is higher now than before due to SOCi,” said Melanie Terschak, Director of Product at Go Local.

“The customer service at SOCi has been fantastic and one of the main reasons we stay with SOCi. Our SOCi team listens to us and helps us troubleshoot solutions. The customer service completely sets SOCi apart and makes our lives as an agency easier.” –  Melanie Terschak, Director of Product at Go Local

The Solution

With SOCi’s comprehensive digital marketing platform, specifically, SOCi Reviews and Listings, Go Local streamlines workflows and centralizes reputation management, making it easy for clients to respond to reviews across channels. The platform allows the agency to optimize listings and Google posts more efficiently, helping clients rank higher locally and turn clicks into customers. SOCi also makes it easy for Go Local to monitor all locations for customers, including social ads, social posting, local listings, Google My Business, and reporting. The comprehensive SOCi platform enables the agency to manage accounts efficiently without adding more staff. Go Local can also now provide clients with a dashboard reporting growth in direction requests, increased phone calls, and other metrics. And the UTM codes SOCi helps the agency create are tangible ways they can now track leads for clients.

SOCi Results

As a result of using SOCi, Go Local was able to scale more rapidly with fewer people, resulting in higher margins. SOCi allows agency teams to better advise customers and create custom content. “We are constantly looking at the data and if we see changes in metrics, we can flag them immediately and work with clients on updates to improve. We can expand partnerships with clients, specifically in content development and local pages because we are able to add more services by using SOCi,” said Melanie. 


The localized marketing goals for Go Local’s clients are all leads-focused. Ultimately, the goal is to help businesses rank better locally and turn clicks into customers. “At the end of the day, with our local listings solutions, the SOCi platform allows for efficiently optimizing listings and Google posts to help them rise above the competitors and see leads,” noted Melanie.

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