Mutual of Omaha Mortgage Sees Substantial Increase In Online Leads

The Challenge

Mutual of Omaha Mortgage has a long, successful history dating back over one hundred years in the financial services industry. Founded in 1909, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage serves over 4.6 million individual product customers and 36,000 employer groups. The brand is no stranger to innovative and successful solutions. 


When the Mutual of Omaha Mortgage marketing team realized the previous platforms the team were using no longer met their localized digital marketing needs, they began to search for a new solution. The former solution was a cumbersome system with grouping issues and less customization for localized marketing needs. The team needed a better social media scheduling tool, a streamlined way to handle online listings, a centralized location for a source of truth, and the ability to facilitate pushing out consistent content and updates to teams. 

The Solution

Finding a solution in SOCi, Mutual of Omaha Mortgage initially thought the cost was appealing: centralizing different tools into one platform provided cost savings for the department. Mutual of Omaha partners with the SOCi platform to manage Ads PLUS, Listings Advanced, and Social. “We really felt SOCi was an expert in the digital marketing space and could be a good business partner. We trusted that SOCi would guide us through the onboarding process and put us on a plan for success out of the gate,” said Catherine Simoneaux, Vice President of Marketing at Mutual of Omaha Mortgage.


Mutual of Omaha’s goals with SOCi first centered on cleaning up branch and loan officers’ directory listings and having one system for content. “We had a lot of inconsistencies out there with our listings and needed one easy spot to clean up and scrub all of that information. We needed help ensuring all listings information was consistent across all platforms. We also want to continue to increase our social media presence and audiences, which is all work that SOCi will help us do,” noted Catherine. 

SOCi Results

Most importantly, the Mutual of Omaha Mortgage marketing team needs to prove that digital marketing content is driving business. After a year with SOCi, the team has already seen the following results toward their goals:



Increase in Google Business leads quarter over quarter



Increase in total impressions from Google Business Profile views



Of all total social posts are made by loan officer groups using corporate content



Increase in organic traffic from social media



Increase in social posting volume quarter over quarter



Increase in engagement with all social posts quarter over quarter

I think SOCi has really helped streamline our marketing initiatives and efforts with one platform to drive our online reputation and social strategies. Customers are seeing more consistent information across all channels. SOCi helps bolster our reputation and build a consistent brand narrative to help push us and our marketing forward.” — Catherine Simoneaux, Vice President of Marketing at Mutual of Omaha Mortgage

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