Localized social advertising for multi-location brands and agencies.

Distribute 100s or 1,000s of Local Ads & Boosted Posts

Whether you are a multi-location marketer or an agency who needs to drive results for 100 to 1,000+ locations, SOCi Ads PLUS lets you instantly create and deploy highly customized, targeted local ads.

With the use of our Dynamic Text and patent-pending Dynamic Image technology, you can deploy a single ad that will auto-populate with local text and images across all of your locations. Need the ability to boost high-performing posts in under 30 seconds? SOCi Boost PLUS enables you to instantly amplify the reach of organic social content.

SOCi Ads PLUS and Boost PLUS also provide flexibility in how you fund your social campaigns. Choose to evenly distribute your social boosting budget across all of your locations or customize the spend for each post. Additionally, marketers can pay from either a corporate account or local ad accounts.

Remove Guesswork with Pre-Set Ad Options

Social media is second only to referrals in new customer acquisition. Yet, more than 90 percent of local businesses are not advertising on social media. Whether it’s because they lack the expertise or the time, local businesses need an easy way to deploy effective ads.

SOCi Ads PLUS allows corporate to pre-set ad content, custom targeting, geofencing, lead gen forms, automatic placements, and other time-consuming aspects of social advertising. Then, the local business simply needs to log in, enter an amount, and put their capital to work. A necessary counterpart, Boost PLUS acts as your easy button by providing boosting recommendations for high-performing published content. By simplifying the social advertising workflow, brands will see locations increase their use of social ads for an improved marketing ROI.

Aggregate Performance with Centralized Reporting

SOCi Ads PLUS and Boost PLUS automatically aggregates paid social media performance across your entire network (nationally, regionally, and locally) into an easy-to-digest dashboard.

Track and compare social advertising spend for regions and individual locations, and gain key insights to allow national and local marketing teams to optimize Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. View metrics regarding spend, reach and engagement, demographics, and ad placement.

See How You Can Leverage the Power of Localized Social Ads


What our customers say about Ads from SOCi

  • “Today, the power of localized social advertising is unmatched and as the industry evolves, we continue to strive for efficient ways to scale the efforts for our multi-location brand customers without a lot of manual labor. We are excited to begin the use of SOCi Ads PLUS to create and promote ads to hundreds of locations for the same brand. The ability to share and reuse ad creative, use dynamic images and text, and do all of this with the flexibility of locally distributed ad budgets will save time and resources.”


    Marti Janson

    Chief Operating Officer


Ready to crush localized marketing?

Learn how you can effectively manage every aspect of your localized marketing strategy across limitless locations in one centralized platform.

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