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How to Keep Your Reviews After a Business Name Change


Changing your business name can have a big impact on search ranking, but if handled correctly, it should not impact your ability to keep existing reviews on the Google platform. Google allows businesses to move reviews across listings, so reviews should not disappear if the name of your business changes.


If you have recently changed the name of your business, but your business has not moved locations or changed ownership, then you should update your business name in Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)


Do not attempt to take a shortcut by simply creating a new business listing. Doing so could lead to duplicate listings and it may cause you to lose the reviews that have been posted about your business on Google. 


Reviews are not typically removed when a business makes a minor name change or when a business owner has multiple locations and business name changes. Additionally, if your business moves locations and keeps the same business name, Google will typically move the reviews to the new location.


It’s very important that you follow the steps outlined above after changing the name of your business. If you create and verify a new business listing, rather than simply updating your business name in the Google Business Profile dashboard, then Google may not retain your existing reviews. 


 If you do end up with two listings and feel the need to migrate reviews from one to the other, you can submit a request to Google to transfer your reviews


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