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Breaking Down Google’s Search Generative Experience


Google is the most visited website globally, receiving 88.1 billion searches monthly. As a multi-location enterprise, a strong local presence is a must. Although visibility on Google is essential, staying on top of their latest updates and changes can be challenging. 


For instance, Google recently opened access to their Search Generative Experience (SGE), which can transform search on Google as we know it. This blog is here to help! We’ll dive into what we know about Google’s SGE and share what it means for marketers. 


Let’s get started! 


Google’s Search Generative Experience Explained 


If you’re unfamiliar, Google’s SGE is a new search interface that, according to Google, “helps you quickly find and make sense of information. As you search, you can get the gist of a topic with AI-powered overviews, pointers to explore more, and ways to follow up naturally.”


The SGE interface has a chatbot component added to the top of the search results screen called the AI Snapshot. This AI Snapshot offers a broad array of options that combine the power of generative AI with Google’s ability to deliver relevant web content. Below is an example Google has provided of what this chatbot feature will look like. 



An example of Google's Search Generative Experience


Courtesy Google


Additionally, SGE constructs these AI-powered responses to search queries compiled from web content. This helps users get quick answers to questions by summarizing information from various sources and providing links to learn more. 


At the bottom of the SGE search results, there’s an option for users to “ask a follow-up” question based on the findings. SGE also provides relevant follow-up questions users may have, as seen below. Asking a follow-up question will then open a conversational chat. 




An image showing SGE for the search "Where can I buy new sneakers?"


Courtesy Search Engine Land



Who Can Start Using Google’s SGE? 


Now that you have a basic understanding of what Google’s SGE is, let’s dive into who can start using it. Google’s SGE currently has limited access. There are reports that Google One premium subscribers have been given access first. 


Google has also shared a waitlist that those interested in getting access to SGE and other AI-products can sign up for. Google notes that it will notify those who have joined the waitlist via email when they can start using SGE. 


Top Benefits of Google’s SGE 


While SGE is relatively new, it’s expected to roll out to a more widespread audience in the future. Let’s briefly look at what Google highlights as the top ways SGE and AI search can help marketers. 


1. Make Complicated Topics Easier To Digest 


As the previous examples show, SGE provides a summary relevant to the search query and an extensive list of sources in its search results. This allows users to quickly get an overview of the topic while also being able to dive deeper using multiple sources. 


2. Uncover Quick Tips for Specific Questions


For users with a specific question, SGE provides multiple results that you can quickly search through. While Google has always provided multiple search results, SGE, gives you more nuanced pointers for the critical information you’re looking for. 


3. Provide More Products and Things to Consider While Shopping 


If you’re shopping online, SGE also explains what factors you should consider when purchasing a product. In an example Google provided, SGE has shown what to consider when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker. It also highlights what specific products are best for.  


As a marketer, you should have accurate details and descriptions about your products and services on your website and in your local listings. 


Level-Up Your Local Search Efforts 


As SGE expands, your local search efforts must be up to par. This includes but is not limited to, optimizing your local listings, local pages, and SEO efforts. 


With the adoption of SGE, there will likely be new ways to improve your local search strategy, which we’ll cover in our weekly Local Memo blogs as they occur. 

In the meantime, check out our Top 10 Things You Should Be Doing in Local SEO NOW guide for insight into optimizing your local search strategy.



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