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How to Optimize Your Google Profile Attributes for Hotels


As a multi-location marketer, your Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, can be used to manage your business’s online visibility. If your business doesn’t already have Google Business Profiles for each business location, that’s a good place to start. After creating Google Business Profiles, your business can then start updating them with as much information about each location as possible, which includes adding attributes.  Attributes allow your business to identify specific services, features, and other offerings your business may have. Attributes can vary depending on the industry, but we’ll focus on optimizing them for the hotel industry for this piece. 


Attributes and the Hotel Industry 


Like restaurants and retail, the hotel industry is a highly differentiated vertical in Google. When a customer searches for a local hotel, Google summarizes the hotel’s amenities that customers can view from Search and Maps. Google explains that users with verified Business Profiles can edit their services and amenities in the “Hotel attributes” section of the Google Business Profile. 


When adding your attributes, there are a variety of details your hotel can add in that include but are not limited to:

  • Sustainability practices 
  • Hotel highlights such as free wifi, pet friendly, and free parking
  • Whether you offer discounts or specials for COVID-19 responders
  • Various amenities such as a pool, fitness center, room service, and more


While these attributes are specific to the hotel industry, there are a variety of other attributes that businesses in all industries can select. You can view a complete list of available attributes for hotels by visiting the “Hotel attributes” page within Google Business Profile Manager (see below). Please note that Google updates attributes from time to time.


How to Add Attributes to Your Google Business Profile 


Now that you understand the attributes your hotel brand can choose from, it’s time to start updating them. To add one, simply login to your Google Business Profile and follow these steps

  • Select “info” on the left-hand column of your profile for the location you want to manage 
  • Select “Hotel attributes” and click “Edit.” 
  • Look through the attributes available, click the ones you want to add and select “Apply.”


Once you have added your attributes, you can then look at your local listings to ensure that they have been added correctly. The easiest way to do this is to navigate to the About tab in Google’s profile page for your hotel location in Google Travel. The more information a consumer can find about your business without having to navigate away from your local listing, the better. Optimizing your attributes and including as much relevant information as possible is vital.


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