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Google What Are the Different Types of Google Posts?


Google Posts are a way to post and share information directly to your multi-location business’s local Google Business Profile. They are similar to social media posts that you would see on Facebook or Instagram but are posted directly to Google. Unlike other local social platforms, there are four different types of Google Posts your business can leverage. When deciding to post on Google, the content must fit within the parameters of the four different kinds of posts, which we’ll break down next. 


Types of Google Posts 


There are four different types of Google Posts your business can leverage when posting content. Below you’ll find details about each of the posts as explained by Google


1. What’s New: “Provide general information about your business. You can include a photo or video, a description, and an action button.”


2. Events: “Promote an event at your business. Events require a title, start and end dates, and a time. If there aren’t start or end times, the system will default to 24 hours on the date it’s posted. These posts may also include a photo, video, description, and an action button.”


3. Offer: “Provide promotional sales or offers from your business. Offers require a title as well as start and end dates and times. A “View offer” action button is automatically added to the post. You can also include a photo, video, description, coupon code, link, and terms and conditions with the post.”


4. COVID-19: “Provide an update about changes related to COVID-19, which can include:

  • Hours of operation and temporary closures
  • Changes to how the business operates, such as takeout or delivery only, a suggestion to call for details, or others
  • Updates to how the location manages safety and hygiene
  • Requests for support”


Now that you understand the different types of Google Posts, you can incorporate them into your localized marketing efforts. Get more tips on how to effectively create a Google Post here. SOCi is here to help. Learn how SOCi can help your multi-location business manage its local search efforts across business locations!

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