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How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts for Businesses


Running multiple social media accounts is not easy. Whether you’re doing it for a few dozen business locations or a few hundred, keeping accounts separate while maintaining consistent quality can be challenging. 


If you are deploying localized content across multiple social media platforms, then you can’t expect to publish the same posts across all of your accounts. You also don’t want to reinvent the wheel by developing entirely new content for 10, 100, or 1,000+ business locations. The best way to streamline this process is by using an all-in-one social media management platform.


It’s not uncommon for social media teams to jump between different tools and accounts, but the experience can be draining — and prone to error. In this article, we will cover some of the best solutions for managing multiple social media accounts, so you can run all of your accounts as efficiently as possible.


5 Simple Steps to Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts


Follow this five-step plan to start managing multiple social media accounts with ease.


Step 1: Document Any Social Media and Branding Strategies 

When you are juggling multiple accounts across platforms, a documented strategy is a must. For example, Facebook posts usually have a lighter tone than posts on LinkedIn. Similarly, the localized content you create for one business location might be aimed at a different demographic than the content you create for another. When managing social media for multi-location brands, each account needs its own style guide to keep your local teams in sync.


Step 2: Use a Social Media Management Tool

Nobody should be wasting time copy/pasting the same content onto multiple platforms or social media accounts. With an all-in-one social media tool like SOCi’s, you can empower your teams with streamlined multi-location workflows and leverage automated smart rules to schedule, approve, and publish posts across dozens of platforms at once.


Step 3: Keep Accounts Separate

Social media management tools like SOCi’s will help keep your accounts separate as well. Keeping accounts separate and using a professional social media management solution eliminates the chances of accidentally crossing over accounts. It also makes it easier to manage passwords securely and maintain control over your growing social media responsibilities.


Step 4: Start an Editorial Calendar

Having an editorial calendar is one way to make sure you never miss an important deadline or post update. The more social media accounts you are managing for a multi-location brand, the more important an editorial calendar becomes.


Step 5: Monitor Keywords and Mentions

When you are managing multiple social media accounts for businesses, you need a tool for monitoring keywords and mentions. Keyword monitoring tools send automatic notifications when a brand name is mentioned across many different social media channels, giving your team the chance to respond and engage in a timely manner.


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